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ADNOC Safety officer interview questions and answers

Updated: May 17, 2022

How many forms (WP) of allowing ADNOC have?

ADNOC has 2 forms of WP.

1. Cold WP

2. Hot WP

How many forms of certificates ADNOC have?

Types of certificates related to ADNOC allow figuring system

Excavation Certificate

Confined house Entry Certificate

Control protection Inhibit Certificate

NORM handling certificate.

Vehicle Entry Certificate

Isolation Certificate

DE isolation certificate

Radiography certificate

High Voltage Certificate

What is ADNOC Life Saving Rules (LSR)?

1. Work Authorization

(Obtain a legitimate allow whenever required)

2.Confined house

(Obtain authorization before coming into a confined space)

3.Bypassing Safety Controls

(Obtain authorization before paramount or disabling safety controls)

4.Energy Isolation

(Verify isolation and nil energy before work begins)


(Follow Safe Driving Rules)

6.Working at Height

(Protect yourself against a fall whenever functioning at height)

7. Line of fireside

(Keep yourself & others person out of the LOF)

8.Safe Mechanical Lifting

(Plan Lifting Operations and management the area)

9. Toxic Gas

(Follow the principles to figure in the deadly gas environment)

10.Hot Work

(Control inflammable and ignition sources)

What square measures the work activities for a pipeline work?

Transportation of Pipelines, Right of manner (ROW) in sandy space, Stringing, Bending, cutting, grinding, welding, field joint coating, Nondestructive take a look at (NDT) Pre- cushioning and post cushioning, Hydro testing, De-commissioning, and de-oiling of existing lines. Restoration.

What are Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Plan and Its content?

It is the systematic procedure that incorporates a way to carry out add a secure manner by protective HSE.

The Contents square measure Project Title, Index, Introduction, the scope of labor, leadership and commitment, HSE Policies, Strategic Objective and Targets, chart, Resources, Roles and Responsibilities, HSE competence, Risk Analysis, and Management, design standards and procedures, Implementation and watching, Audit, Management Review, and Annexures.

What is the bottom of the HSE Plan? And what square measure the elements?

HSEMS (Health Safety and Environmental Management System).

components square measure Leadership and commitment, Policy and Strategic Objectives, Organization resources and ability, Risk analysis and Management, design standards and procedures, Implementation and watching, Audit and Management Review.

What is the HSE Policy?

It is the general read of the organization towards HSE, it could be a legal demand, it's high management commitment and it's signed by a senior-most person of the management.

What is HSEMS?









What square measures the vital components in HSEMS?

1. Leadership and Commitment.

2. Risk Analysis and Management.

What points need to be discussed in HSE Induction?

HSE Policy, Emergency drill (Evacuation set up, Assembly purpose, care facility, Ambulance, Medical clinic, Emergency contact Numbers.), PTW system of the positioning, Welfare facilities, work connected procedures, obligatory PPE and Work connected PPEs.

Who is permitted to try to do gas testing? JP will conduct the gas test in his space, why?

Only AGT ought to conduct the gas take a look at.

JP will not conduct the gas take a look at as a result of he can manipulate the items can} be he will enable to figure.

What things will show while the gas test?

H2S (below ten PPM), LEL (less than 5%), element level (19.5%-22.5%), Carbon compound. LEL for organic compound.

Which permits shall be obtained for Radiography?

In the restricted area:- Cold work (CW) Certificate & Radiography certificate.

Unrestricted area:- solely Radiography certificate.

X-ray use for high voltage transformer: Hot work Certificate & Radiography Certificate

What square measures the HSE demand for Radiography?

Employee/worker Experience history, Full case history, Radiation Protection Supervisor should be qualified with certification (which should be Recognized certificate from NRPB from the UK).

Work instruction’ methodology statement, Emergency Action set up, Emergency contact numbers, Emergency Kit, Personnel Dossi meter and standardization certificate, surveyor meter and standardization, TLD badge for Personnel, supply vehicle shall be approved from FANR (Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation), supply storage necessities and supply movement management log.

How you may decide the space of the barricade for the radiography activity?

By victimization surveyor meter (Analog and digital surveyor meter are available).

What safety devices used Radiography activity?

TLD Badge and private Dossi meter, Koli meter, surveyor meter, emergency kit, emergency action set up. Beepers.

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