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HSE Training (Material Handling)

Updated: May 26, 2022

In this post we are going to know about Material handling HSE Training.

Material Handling

Following points you can discussed with your workmen while Material Handling HSE Training :

1) Always use proper PPEs while handling material such as- helmet, safety shoes, jacket, cotton gloves, and shoulder pad.

2) Do not carry material more than your capacity.

3) Don’t travel more distance while carrying material.

4) Always instruct driver to park their vehicle very closed to the

stacking place.

5) Remove all obstruct from loading and unloading pathway.

6) Don’t run while carrying material.

7) Stack material in proper way.

8) Don’t throw the material while shifting.

9) Don’t stack the material more than 5 feet height.

10) Use mechanical aids for material handling.

11) Take sufficient rest if you feel tiered.

12) Take care of person who is working near you.

Sample format is attached you can download it & use accordingly.

Material Handling
Download DOCX • 352KB

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