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Hot Work Safety Toolbox Talk (TBT)

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

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In this post, we are going to know about the Hot Work Safety Toolbox Talk.

What is Hot Work?

A work involved spark or ignition is called hot work.


 It means a flame that is out and under open condition or uncovered is considered a naked flame.


 Continuous gas monitoring

 Face shields

 Fire detection inhibits

 Screen off area

 Fire retardant blanket

 Fire-resistant tent / curtain

 Fire extinguishers

 Fire watcher

 Pressurized fire water hose

 Good housekeeping

 Welder’s suit / apron / gloves


Fire Types and Choosing Fire Extinguisher


 Cut or weld in an area with oily rags, dust, or other combustible material nearby.

 Weld in an area unless other workers have a welding screen to protect them from the welding arc.

 Wear clothes of synthetic fabrics.

 Assist anyone cutting or welding unless you are wearing eye protection.

 Leave your area of work without notifying others of the burn hazard.

 Work on equipment that is not earthed.

 Weld or cut hot tanks or pipes without proper precautions.

 Run welding leads and burning hoses through doorways.

 Attempt to transfer compressed gas from one cylinder to another.

 Use valve protection caps to lift cylinders


 Wear proper clothing.

 Wear eye protection.

 Protect other workers from flashes.

 Have adequate fire extinguishers readily available.

 Provide fire watcher if needed.

 Remove combustible materials from the vicinity of cutting and welding operations.

 Secure all connections, couplings, and fittings in your work location.

 Inspect equipment before use.

 Contain sparks and slag created by welding or burning operations.

 Protect welding leads and burning hoses by covering or suspending them.

 Store gas cylinders upright with the valve end cap

 Clear debris from the work area after work is completed.

I hope, you understand about the Hot Work Safety Toolbox Talk.

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