08 HSE Engineer Jobs in UAE: Oil & Gas Project

08 HSE Engineer Jobs in UAE
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08 HSE Engineer Jobs in UAE: Oil & Gas Project

Position: HSE Engineer – Oil & Gas Project

Location: United Arab Emirates

Job Type: Full-Time

Industry: Oil & Gas

Job Description:

We are currently seeking qualified and experienced HSE Engineers to join our dynamic team for an exciting Oil & Gas project in the United Arab Emirates. As an HSE Engineer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the highest standards of health, safety, and environmental practices are adhered to throughout the project lifecycle.


  1. Develop and Implement HSE Policies: Design, implement, and monitor health, safety, and environmental policies to ensure compliance with local regulations and international standards.
  2. Risk Assessments: Conduct thorough risk assessments and hazard analyses to identify potential risks and implement effective control measures.
  3. Training and Awareness: Provide HSE training to project personnel and ensure a high level of awareness regarding safety protocols and procedures.
  4. Incident Investigation: Lead investigations into accidents, incidents, and near misses, and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence.
  5. Emergency Response Planning: Develop and maintain emergency response plans, conduct regular drills, and ensure all personnel are adequately trained for emergency situations.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: Stay informed about relevant HSE regulations and standards, and ensure the project’s compliance with local and international requirements.
  7. Monitoring and Reporting: Implement a robust monitoring system to track HSE performance metrics, and prepare regular reports for management.
  8. Contractor Management: Collaborate with contractors and subcontractors to ensure they adhere to HSE requirements and standards.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Environmental Science, or a related field.
  2. Professional certifications in HSE (e.g., NEBOSH, IOSH) are highly desirable.
  3. Proven experience as an HSE Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry.
  4. Strong knowledge of HSE regulations and standards.
  5. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  6. Ability to work collaboratively in a team and independently.

How to Apply:

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1. What qualifications are essential to become an HSE Engineer in the UAE?

To become an HSE Engineer in the UAE, a degree in engineering or related fields along with certifications in occupational health and safety are typically required.

2. What are the primary responsibilities of HSE Engineers in oil and gas projects?

HSE Engineers oversee safety protocols, conduct risk assessments, ensure compliance with environmental regulations, and foster a safety-oriented culture among the workforce.

3. What is the scope for career advancement in the field of HSE Engineering in the UAE?

HSE Engineers in the UAE have ample opportunities for career growth, especially with the integration of emerging technologies like IoT and AI in safety protocols.

4. How can one prepare to land an HSE Engineering job in the UAE?

Crafting a standout resume, showcasing relevant skills and certifications, and preparing for interviews by demonstrating a strong understanding of industry regulations can significantly enhance one’s chances of securing an HSE Engineering job in the UAE.


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