Top 13 Construction Site Hazards and Precautions

Construction Site Hazards and Precautions
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Construction Site Hazards and Precautions

Construction Site Hazards and Precautions : When construction work starts inside a company, the possibilities of accident always remain on the construction site. In such a situation, the safety supervisor available at the site has to observe the hazards at the working site and give the related precautions. So let’s go to the construction site. Let’s look at the major danger occurring on the site and try to know about the precautions related to it.


1. A person can fall from top to bottom.

2. Any material can fall down from above.

3. Any material falling from top to bottom can cause damage.

4. The person falls into the pit inside the excavation.

5. Many times the soil collapses and falls inside the pit. Due to which the person working inside gets injuries.

6. If underground services are not checked before excavation, then there is every possibility of damage to underground cable, water supply pipe, gas pipe and sewage etc.

7. When scaffolding is not made according to the standard, there are full chances of it collapsing.

8. There is every possibility of electrical shock, because all electrical panels and equipment are temporary and the standard is not followed.

9. There are more chances of fire on the construction site because there is no proper place to store any flammable material and unwanted material remains scattered here and there.

10. When there is a fire and there is no agent to extinguish it. There are full chances of burn of body of the employees working there.

11. When respiratory related precautions are not given to the workers at the construction site, there is every possibility of them getting lung related disease.

12. Poisonous snakes can bite the workers in the jungles and bushes while going for defecation and cleaning.


1. When a worker goes to work at height, first of all it is necessary to see whether he has full body harness or not. After that it is seen whether that person has experience of working at height or not. No. Then he is allowed to work at height only after medical fitness.

2. While working at height, there is a possibility of falling under any material or tools. In such a situation, if a person is standing below, then there are full chances of injuries. To avoid this type of accident, barricade under that area. Let’s do it where work is being done at height.

3. Some material can be damaged by falling from top to bottom, so it is necessary to carry the material inside the tool bag. Another aspect of this is that some tools fall from top to bottom and if they are used repeatedly during work. If it is to be brought, the worker would have to come down again and again to collect the tools. In this case, there is every chance of fall of the person.

4. When the excavation has been done, then any person is not allowed to go on its edge. Because the soil is weak, there is a strong possibility of any person falling inside the pit and getting injuries. The best option is to barricade the excavation area and do not allow any person to go there even by mistake. Give

5. To avoid collapse of soil, excavation should never be done at an angle of 90o, when the soil is friable. And with this, the soil extracted after excavation is not to be kept on the edge, so that the excess load falling on the edge Because the soil collapses.

6. Before excavation, all the underground services are detected through cable detector or by cutting trail trench. So that the danger that may arise due to damage to underground services during excavation can be avoided.

7. There are many chances of Scaffolding collapse.

– Scaffolding is not being erected by the competent person.

– All the scaffolding erectors have little experience in making scaffolding.

– The material has not been properly checked while making scaffolding.

– Scaffolding is being used in higher duty than the duty it is made of.

– The soil has not been properly tested before making scaffolding.

– When permission has been given to work on scaffolding without inspection after the wind, storm or snow has subsided.

– Scaffolding is inspected at long intervals.

8. There can be many reasons for electrical shock while working on the construction site.

– When insulated wire is not being used.

– Proper gloves are not being used during electrical work.

– Any portable electrical machine is being operated without connecting to ELCB or GFCI.

– As many portable tools are being used at the construction site, safe procedure should not be used to carry the cable.

– Use of poor quality cable can also be a reason for electrical shock.

9. There are many reasons for fire while working on Construction site, some of them are major which are given below.

– Proper house keeping not being done at Work Site.

– Absence of suitable extinguisher where hot work (Welding, Grinding, Gas cutting) is happening.

– Absence of fire man there during Hot Work.

– Do not remove flammable substances from where hot work is being done.

– No flammable substances should be kept at suitable place.

– When there is a fire on the site, there are chances of burn injury, so fire should be avoided and at the same time it is necessary to provide correct PPE during hot work so that the possibility of bourn of body can be eliminated.

10. When the workers are not properly taken care of and the environment where they are working is not clean and tidy, then it has a bad effect on the health of the workers.

11. When workers are working in such a place, where the area is full of dusty, fumes or there is a possibility of release of toxic gases. In such a situation, when he should wear Nose Mask, APR, ASP or with proper PPE, environment If the option is not being found to purify it, then if the worker works in this environment for a long time, then there is every possibility of getting lungs related disease.

12. While working in jungle bushes, they should be provided with upper shoes, gloves, poles and all the equipment to avoid poisonous snakes, as well as chemical spraying should be done to get rid of snakes.

13. Along with this, toilets must be constructed at the construction site. So that the workers do not have to go outside in the jungle bushes for defecation, which will eliminate the possibility of poisonous snake bites forever.

Construction Site Hazards and Precautions


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