Indian Worker/Employee: Do Not Hand Over Your Passport to Employer in Kuwait – Government of India’s Warning

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Indian Worker/Employee: Do Not Hand Over Your Passport to Employer in Kuwait – Government of India’s Warning


In recent years, the Gulf nation of Kuwait has attracted a substantial number of Indian workers seeking better employment opportunities. While this migration has been beneficial for many, there has been a recurring issue that needs immediate attention and awareness – the practice of employers demanding the passports of their Indian employees. In this article, we will delve into the significant reasons why Indian workers should refrain from handing over their passports to employers in Kuwait and understand the stance of the Government of India regarding this matter.

The Passport Conundrum: Why Do Employers Request Passports?

The Visa Process

One of the primary reasons why employers in Kuwait request passports from Indian employees is related to the visa process. To sponsor an employee’s work visa, the employer often requires the employee’s passport as a crucial document for the application.

Control and Exploitation

Unfortunately, some employers misuse this practice as a means of control and exploitation. By holding an employee’s passport, they exert undue influence, making it challenging for workers to assert their rights or leave the job if necessary.

The Government of India’s Advisory

Protecting the Rights of Indian Workers

Understanding the potential risks and hardships faced by Indian workers, the Government of India has issued a clear advisory against surrendering passports to employers in foreign countries, including Kuwait. This advisory aims to safeguard the rights and dignity of Indian employees working overseas.

Legal Implications

The advisory also highlights the legal implications of such actions. It emphasizes that keeping an employee’s passport is not only unethical but also illegal under Indian law.

Risks and Consequences

Risk of Exploitation

When workers surrender their passports to employers, they become vulnerable to exploitation. Employers may delay salary payments, impose unreasonable working conditions, or even restrict their freedom.

Immigration Troubles

In the absence of their passports, employees may face difficulties with local authorities, especially when it comes to renewing their visas or resolving immigration issues.

Protecting Your Rights: What Can Indian Workers Do?

Know Your Rights

Indian workers must be aware of their rights and responsibilities under both Indian and Kuwaiti labor laws. This knowledge empowers them to protect themselves against unfair treatment.

Alternative Documents

Instead of handing over their passports, employees can provide alternative documents that are acceptable for visa processing, such as a photocopy of the passport’s relevant pages.

Seek Assistance

In case of any disputes or unfair practices by employers, Indian workers can seek assistance from the Indian Embassy or the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) in Kuwait.

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In conclusion, the Government of India’s warning against handing over passports to employers in Kuwait is a vital step in protecting the rights and well-being of Indian workers. While the visa process may require certain documents, there are legal and ethical alternatives to safeguard employees’ rights. Indian workers should be vigilant and informed, ensuring their safety and security while working abroad.


  1. Is it mandatory to surrender my passport to my employer in Kuwait? No, it is not mandatory. The Government of India advises against handing over your passport to your employer in Kuwait.
  2. What should I do if my employer insists on keeping my passport? You should refuse to surrender your passport and inform the Indian Embassy or the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) for assistance.
  3. Can my employer withhold my salary or threaten me if I don’t give them my passport? No, your employer cannot withhold your salary or threaten you for not surrendering your passport. Such actions are illegal.
  4. What alternative documents can I provide for visa processing in Kuwait? You can provide a photocopy of the relevant pages of your passport as an alternative document for visa processing.
  5. How can I stay informed about my rights as an Indian worker in Kuwait? You can stay informed by regularly checking updates from the Indian Embassy and the Government of India regarding labor laws and worker rights in Kuwait.

Remember, your passport is your personal and legal document, and you have the right to keep it in your possession while working abroad.

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  1. I am working in Kuwait and my passport is with my sponsor, when I come here on airport they took my passport without telling me ,what should I do ????

  2. You tell legal rights of employees.first, Indian’s agent consultation should be proper function and legal. Most of employees come from India through agent’s help to GCC countries..most of agent is fraud and unfair they charge amount is more than fair.
    First India embassy should become job provider and consultation. Government should crackdown unfair agency. Some of agency drag immigrants to pothole they use worker’s jobless situation their advantage.


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