Lifting Shackle (D-Shackle) Load Calculation

Lifting Shackle (D-Shackle) Load Calculation
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Lifting Shackle (D-Shackle) Load Calculation

Lifting Shackle

Lifting shackles are connection links used to make a connection between the load lifting device (hoist hook/sling) & the load to be lifted.

Types of Lifting Shackle

There are two main shapes/styles of lifting shackle

1) “D” Shackle

2) Bow Shackle

How To Calculate Safe Work load Capacity of Shackle?

There are two methods to know about SWL of Shackle

1) It is written on it

2) By using formula

Formula = D2 x 8

Consider D= 7/8 (Size of D- shackle in inch)

Now, put this value in formula

= D2 x 8

= 7/8 x 7/8 x 8

= 6.125 T

Lifting Shackle
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