Manual Handling Safety Toolbox Talk (TBT)

Manual Handling Safety Toolbox Talk
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Manual Handling Safety Toolbox Talk

What is Manual Handling?

Manual handling means transporting or supporting a load by hand or bodily force. It includes lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying, or moving loads. A load can be an object, person, or material.

Manual Handling Factors


Heavy, bulky, or unwieldy, difficult to grasp, unstable or likely to move unpredictably, harmful, e.g. sharp, hot, too large for the handler to see over or around.


Gender, medical conditions, experience, training, knowledge, etc.


Repetitive movement, stooping needed, vertical distances, twisting needed during work


Space available, light, temperature, slips, and trips opportunities


Improper manual handling can result in serious internal and/ or external injuries at the workplace.


 Try to lift heavy loads unsafely

 Wear inappropriate personal protective equipment

 Work under peer pressure

 Use your back to lift the loads

 Work under dark conditions

 Position the body in an awkward position

 Travel long vertical distances while handling loads

 Transport liquid loads being un-closed

 Do manual handling without appropriate personal protective equipment


 Work at well-lit areas

 Use mechanical aids to prevent manual handling

 Take sufficient breaks to resuscitate your body

 Use thigh muscle to lift and move

 Use appropriate personal protective equipment

 Practice team lift to reduce effects

 Ensure to reduce the loads as maximum as possible

 Avoid poor bodily posture under load

I hope, you understand about the Manual Handling Safety Toolbox Talk.

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