Near Miss Examples

Near Miss Examples
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Near Miss Examples: Learning from Close Calls

Near misses, also known as close calls or near accidents, are incidents that almost result in an injury, disaster, or loss but ultimately do not. These events provide valuable insights into potential hazards and offer opportunities for improvement and prevention. In this article, we’ll explore various near miss examples across different aspects of life, from everyday occurrences to critical situations, and discuss the lessons they offer.

Near Miss Examples in Everyday Life

Close Call Accidents

Everyday situations present numerous near miss examples, such as narrowly avoiding car accidents or slipping on a wet floor but catching oneself just in time.

Narrowly Avoided Disasters

Instances like almost leaving the stove on, which could have led to a fire, or almost forgetting to turn off the faucet, preventing water damage, are common near miss examples at home.

Near Miss Examples in Business

Workplace Safety Incidents

Near misses in the workplace include situations like almost tripping over an object left on the floor or almost mishandling hazardous materials but catching the error before harm occurs.

Project Management Escapes

In project management, near misses might involve almost missing a critical deadline or narrowly avoiding a budget overrun due to timely intervention.

Near Miss Examples in Aviation

Aircraft Close Calls

Near misses in aviation involve scenarios such as two planes coming too close to each other in the air or almost landing on an occupied runway.

Air Traffic Control Errors

Instances of miscommunication or misinterpretation among air traffic controllers that lead to potential collisions are also considered near miss examples in aviation.

Near Miss Examples in Healthcare

Medication Errors

Near misses in healthcare can include instances where a wrong dosage of medication is almost administered but caught before harm is done to the patient.

Surgical Mishaps

Examples of near misses in surgery include narrowly avoiding performing a procedure on the wrong patient or almost leaving a surgical instrument inside a patient.

Near Miss Examples in Sports

Near Collisions in Racing

In racing sports, near misses often involve cars coming inches away from crashing into each other or avoiding obstacles on the track at the last moment.

Near Misses in Extreme Sports

Extreme sports enthusiasts experience near misses when they narrowly escape injuries while performing stunts like skydiving, surfing, or rock climbing.

Near Miss Examples in Technology

Software Bugs

Near misses in technology occur when software glitches are detected before they cause system failures or data loss.

Cybersecurity Breaches

Instances where attempted cyber-attacks are thwarted before they can breach a system’s defenses are considered near miss examples in cybersecurity.

Near Miss Examples in Nature

Animal Encounters

Near misses with wildlife include encounters with dangerous animals that are avoided due to quick reflexes or timely intervention.

Natural Disaster Narrow Escapes

Surviving a natural disaster like an earthquake or a tornado by narrowly avoiding the most destructive areas is a common near miss example in nature.

Near Miss Examples in History

Historical Accidents Averted

Historical near misses include incidents like narrowly avoiding nuclear disasters or preventing catastrophic accidents during wartime.

War Near Escapes

Soldiers often experience near misses in combat, such as surviving close calls with enemy fire or narrowly escaping explosions.

Near Miss Examples in Space Exploration

Close Calls in Space Missions

Near misses in space exploration involve situations like spacecraft narrowly avoiding collisions with space debris or dodging unexpected obstacles.

Satellite Near Collisions

Instances where satellites come dangerously close to colliding with each other in orbit but manage to maneuver away in time are near miss examples in space exploration.

Analyzing the Lessons from Near Misses

Near misses provide valuable opportunities to identify root causes and implement preventive measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.

The Psychological Impact of Near Misses

Experiencing a near miss can evoke fear and anxiety but also fosters resilience and preparedness in individuals and organizations.

Reporting and Learning from Near Misses

Encouraging the reporting of near misses and fostering a culture of safety are essential for learning from these incidents and preventing future accidents.


Near misses offer valuable insights into potential hazards and provide opportunities for improvement and prevention across various aspects of life. By analyzing near miss examples and learning from them, individuals and organizations can enhance safety, resilience, and preparedness.

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  1. What is a near miss incident?
    • A near miss incident is an event that almost results in an accident, injury, or loss but ultimately does not.
  2. Why are near misses important?
    • Near misses provide valuable insights into potential hazards and offer opportunities for improvement and prevention.
  3. How should near misses be reported?
    • Near misses should be reported promptly and accurately to ensure that lessons are learned and preventive measures are implemented.
  4. What can businesses do to prevent near misses?
    • Businesses can prevent near misses by implementing robust safety protocols, providing adequate training, and fostering a culture of safety among employees.
  5. How can individuals learn from near misses?
    • Individuals can learn from near misses by reflecting on what went wrong, identifying ways to prevent similar incidents in the future, and sharing lessons learned with others.


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