L&T Permanent Job for Safety Steward, Safety Officers, Safety Managers, and Safety Incharge: India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

L&T Permanent Job for Safety Steward, Safety Officers, Safety Managers, and Safety Incharge: India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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L&T Permanent Job for Safety Steward, Safety Officers, Safety Managers, and Safety Incharge: India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Larsen & Toubro (L&T) stands as a giant in the construction and engineering sectors, not just in India but globally. With safety being paramount in this field, L&T offers numerous permanent positions for safety stewards, officers, managers, and incharges, particularly in India and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). These roles are crucial for ensuring that the company’s high standards of safety are maintained across all projects.

About L&T

L&T, founded in 1938, has grown into one of the largest and most respected companies in India’s private sector. Renowned for its engineering, construction, manufacturing, technology, and financial services, L&T has been a key player in various high-profile projects, from infrastructure to defense.

Safety Roles at L&T

Safety roles at L&T encompass a wide range of responsibilities aimed at ensuring the well-being of workers and the smooth operation of projects. These positions include Safety Stewards, Safety Officers, Safety Managers, and Safety Incharges, each with distinct yet interconnected duties.

Safety Steward


Safety Stewards play a foundational role in maintaining workplace safety. They monitor daily safety operations, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and assist in the implementation of safety programs.

Qualifications Required

Typically, a diploma or certification in occupational health and safety, along with relevant on-site experience, is required.

Career Prospects

Starting as a Safety Steward can lead to advanced positions such as Safety Officer or Safety Manager, offering ample room for career growth.

Safety Officer

Duties and Tasks

Safety Officers are responsible for conducting risk assessments, implementing safety policies, training staff on safety procedures, and investigating accidents.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

A degree in safety management or a related field, coupled with professional certifications such as NEBOSH or OSHA, is often necessary.

Career Growth Opportunities

From Safety Officer, one can progress to senior roles like Safety Manager or even regional safety roles overseeing multiple projects.

Safety Manager

Key Responsibilities

Safety Managers oversee the entire safety framework of a project or multiple projects. They develop safety strategies, lead safety audits, and ensure compliance with all safety regulations.

Necessary Skills and Experience

A strong background in safety management, extensive on-site experience, and excellent leadership skills are essential.

Career Progression

Successful Safety Managers may advance to senior management positions, overseeing safety across large regions or multiple countries.

Safety Incharge

Role and Responsibilities

The Safety Incharge ensures that all safety measures are correctly implemented on-site. They work closely with all team members to foster a culture of safety.

Required Qualifications

Qualifications include a degree in a relevant field and several years of hands-on safety experience.

Career Development

This role can lead to higher positions in the safety hierarchy, such as regional safety director.

Job Opportunities in India

Current Job Market in India for Safety Roles

India’s booming infrastructure and construction sectors provide a robust job market for safety professionals. L&T’s vast array of projects ensures a steady demand for skilled safety personnel.

Major Projects by L&T in India

From metro rail systems to smart cities and defense projects, L&T is involved in numerous high-profile endeavors that require stringent safety measures.

Job Opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Overview of L&T’s Presence in Saudi Arabia

L&T has a significant footprint in Saudi Arabia, engaging in numerous large-scale projects, particularly in the oil and gas, infrastructure, and power sectors.

Key Projects and Opportunities for Safety Roles

Projects such as the Riyadh Metro and various industrial installations offer abundant opportunities for safety professionals in KSA.

Qualifications and Skills Needed

Educational Requirements

Roles typically require degrees in safety management, engineering, or related fields. Advanced certifications like NEBOSH, OSHA, and ISO certifications are highly valued.

Essential Skills for Safety Roles

Key skills include risk assessment, emergency response, compliance management, and excellent communication abilities.

Training and Certification

Important Certifications for Safety Professionals

Certifications such as NEBOSH, IOSH, OSHA, and ISO 45001 are crucial for career advancement in safety roles.

Training Programs Offered by L&T

L&T offers extensive in-house training programs to ensure their safety professionals are up-to-date with the latest safety practices and regulations.

Application Process

How to Apply for Safety Roles at L&T

Applications can be submitted through the L&T career portal or via job fairs and recruitment drives.

Tips for a Successful Application

Highlight relevant experience, certifications, and your commitment to safety. Tailor your resume to the specific role you’re applying for.

30 Work Permit Receiver Required for SINOPEC – KSA: Salary 3600 SAR

28 Safety Attendants Wanted for KNPC – KUWAIT (Tank Maintenance Project)

10 Safety Supervisors Required for KNPC – KUWAIT (Tank Maintenance Project)

Junior Safety Officer Required For KUWAIT

HSE Officer Recruitment for OMAN: Online Interview – Salary 400 OMR

Benefits of Working at L&T

Salary and Benefits

L&T offers competitive salaries, comprehensive health benefits, retirement plans, and performance bonuses.

Work Culture and Environment

L&T fosters a culture of safety, innovation, and inclusiveness, providing a supportive work environment for professional growth.

Challenges and Rewards

Common Challenges in Safety Roles

Challenges include managing safety in high-risk environments, staying updated with regulations, and ensuring compliance across diverse teams.

Rewards and Recognition

L&T recognizes the critical role of safety professionals with awards, career advancement opportunities, and financial incentives.


Pursuing a career in safety at L&T offers numerous opportunities for professional growth and personal satisfaction. With a strong presence in India and Saudi Arabia, L&T provides a stable and rewarding environment for safety stewards, officers, managers, and incharges. By ensuring the highest standards of safety, these professionals play a vital role in the success of L&T’s projects.


What are the key qualifications for a Safety Officer at L&T? A degree in safety management or a related field, along with certifications like NEBOSH or OSHA, is essential.

How does L&T support career growth for safety professionals? L&T offers extensive training programs, career advancement opportunities, and a supportive work culture.

What are the common challenges faced by Safety Managers? Managing safety in high-risk environments and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations are common challenges.

How can one apply for a safety role at L&T? Applications can be submitted via the L&T career portal or through recruitment drives.

What makes L&T a preferred employer for safety professionals? L&T’s commitment to safety, competitive benefits, and supportive work culture make it a preferred employer.


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