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Electrical Safety Inspection Checklist


In this article we are going to know about Electrical Safety Inspection Checklist.

As a Safety professional you must know about How To Inspect Electrical System at site.

The following points must be noted while Electrical Safety Inspection.


- Whether the condition of Cable is checked?

- Are Cables received form other site checked for Insulation Resistance before putting them into use?

- Are all main Cables, taken either underground / Overhead?

- Are welding Cables routed properly above the Ground?

- Are welding & Electrical Cables overlapping?

- Is any improper jointing of Cables wires prevailing at Site?

DBs / SDBs

- Is earth conductor continued up to DB / SDB?

- Whether DBs & extension boards are protected from rain / water?

- Is there any overloading of DBs / SDBs?

- Are correct / proper fuses & CB’s provided at main boards & sub- boards?

- Is energized wiring in junction boxes, CB panels & similar places covered all times?


- Whether the connections are routed through ELCB?

- Is ELCB sensitivity maintained at 30 mA?

- Are the ELCB numbered & tested periodically & test results recorded in a logbook countersigned by competent person?


- Is neutral earthing ensured at the source of power

(Main DB at Gen. or Transformer)?

- Whether the continuity & tightness of earth conductor are checked?

- Mention the gauge of earth conductor used at site.

- Mention the value of Earth Resistance or maintain a log book.


- Whether the plug top provided everywhere?

- Are all metal parts of electrical equipment’s & light fittings / accessories grounded?

- Is there any shed / cover for welding machines?

- Are Halogen lamps fixed at proper places?

- Are Portable power tools maintained as per norms?

Electrical Inspection Checklist
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