How To Prevent Burn Injuries

How To Prevent Burn Injuries
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How To Prevent Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries is a common occurrence at work place and at home and a slight negligence can prove fatal or become a cause of danger. Most of the damage caused by burns is to the skin and sometimes serious damage has to be suffered.

In such a situation, wherever there is a possibility of burning while working at home or working site, there is a need to think about avoiding it at that place.

As far as running injuries are concerned, they are of different types. Therefore such injuries are classified which can be easily known by knowing the severity of the injuries.

You Must Know Burn Levels Which Are As Follows :

Injuries caused by burns are mainly divided into three parts, which are known as first degree, second degree and third degree. The first degree indicates a minor injury and the third degree indicates the result of a serious injury.

1) First Degree Burns

If the person’s skin becomes red due to burns and blisters do not occur, then it is first degree burns.

2) Second Degree Burns

If the skin becomes thick and blisters occur on the person’s burn, then it is kept in the category of second degree burns.

3) Third Degree Burns

Due to the burn of the person, the skin starts appearing white with thickening, then it is called third degree burns.

Apart from this, there is fourth degree burns which are like third degree burns and all its symptoms are included in it but in this the burning of the person has reached to the bones i.e. has spread to the bones.

What Are The Causes of Burns?

Well, there are many reasons for burns and some of the main ones are as follows –

– There are many chemicals which burn it after coming in contact with the skin.

High Tension Voltage means that a person gets burnt when he comes in contact with electricity.

– If after coming into contact with a hot or boiling substance.

– If it comes in contact with matches, candles or any kind of flames, there is a possibility of burning more or less.

– All the above types of irritation have been told, it depends on how long the person has come in contact with the substance for how long. Which all three degrees depend on this thing.

– After coming in contact with chemicals and electricity, it is necessary to take the person who is burnt or injured to the doctor immediately. Because many times no damage is seen in the upper part of the body but it can affect more inside. Even if the burn mark on the skin is slight.

How To Prevent Burn Injuries?

By the way, wherever there is a possibility of burning in the workplace, workers are told about burn safety at such a place and all the measures to avoid it are implemented.

With this, by evaluating the work site from time to time, whatever shortcomings occur, that is, all the possible reasons for the burn are immediately removed.

Still, there are some such works where the possibility of burns is high, such as- Electrical work or Electrical Isolation Work, Danger Chemical Handling, Work near hot surface etc. To avoid burning at such a workplace, the supervisor available there along with the workers needs to be alert.

But while working at home, you need to think for yourself about how to avoid burning yourself and burning young children. If precautions are taken by showing a little readiness, then the chances of burns can be prevented to a great extent.

Let us know about the precautions that help in preventing burns –

– Whenever food is being prepared, do not allow children to come into the kitchen, that is, keep it away from the kitchen.

– The utensil in which food is being cooked should always keep the handle towards the back of the stove.

– All the smoke detectors installed should be inspected at least once a month.

Fire fighting equipment should be installed in or near the kitchen.

– If you are going to take a bath, do not stand under the shower without checking the water temperature.

– Install MCB or ELCB indoors.

– Store chemicals in a safe place and keep yourself away from their reach. When using chemicals, always use gloves and if necessary put on goggles.

– When going out, wear sunscreen to avoid strong sunlight and go out only when it is very necessary.

– Completely remove all smoking products inside the house and do not allow anyone.

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