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Inspection of Bar Bending Machine | How To Inspect Bar Bending Machine

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

In this post, we are going to know about how to inspect Steel Bar Bending machine.

The following points you must know while inspection of Steel Bar Bending machine.

1) Need To check Machine clearly identified & numbered OR No,

2) Need To check Machine Erected on a firm base OR No,

3) Need To check Machine grouted properly/Base wheel stopper provided OR No,

4) Need To check Machine body earthing provided OR No,

5) Need To check distribution board connected with the machine equipped with MCB & ELCB OR No,

6) Need To check condition of electrical cable in good OR No,

7) Need To check Machine guarding (Belt & other internal moving parts covered/guarded) OR No,

8) Need To check Emergency switch available in working condition OR No,

9) Need To check Power ON & OFF switch with indicator light available in working condition OR No,

10) Need To check both side hand guards available OR No,

11) Need To check limit switches (Both side below the job plate) in working condition OR No,

12) Need To check any oil leakage from machine OR No.

I hope, you understand how to inspect Steel bar bending machine.

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