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Inspection of Gas Cutting Set

Updated: May 17, 2022

In this post, we are going to know about how to inspect Gas Cutting Set.

The following points you must know while inspection of Gas Cutting Set.

1) Need To check Protective valve cap provided for both cylinders OR No,

2) Need To check Pressure Gauges two for each cylinder are in working condition

OR No,

3) Need To check Flash Back Arrestors (FBA) provided for Acetylene & Oxygen

cylinders OR No,

4) Need To check Non Return Valve (NRV) provided for both Acetylene & Oxygen

cylinders OR No,

5) Need To check Tight crimping of Gas hoses done with Jubilee clamp OR No,

6) Need To check Gas hoses free from any damage OR No,

7) Need To check Cylinder secured by chain to the trolley OR No,

8) Need To check Trolley tires free from damages OR No,

9) Need To check there is availability of industrial type lighter OR No,

10) Need To check cutting area are barricaded & warning boards displayed OR No.

I hope, you understand how to inspect Gas cutting set.

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