Road Safety | Road Safety As Per ADNOC Rule

Road Safety | Road Safety As Per ADNOC Rule
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Road Safety

Road Safety As Per ADNOC Rule

1) Speed limit

2) Wear seatbelt, no smoking in the vehicle

3) Vehicle daily inspection check list should be filled

4) Flag pole/rollover bar/first aid kit/desert kit

5) IVMS-in-Vehicle Monitoring System-GPS to track and monitor the vehicle activity (location, driving speed, seatbelt, struck)

6) Journey Management Plan

7) Summer 8:00pm & winter 7:00pm no driving without journey Management Plan

8) Speed limit: Asphalt Road 100km/hr,

Part 80 slop and turning 40km/hr,

Gatch Road 40km/hr &

Sand 20-30km/hr.

9) IVMS:In-Vehicle Monitor System. How it work?

RAG Report: Red(Reject/unsafe)

Amber (Average-Need more training)

Green (Good behavior)

10) JMS:Journey Management Plan— 3 factors: Driver, vehicle, road

11) Medical: <40, 3years

40-50, 2years


12) What’s Fog level: 100 meter

ADNOC Interview Questions and Answers

Road Safety


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