Safety Quiz Competition Questions & Answers For Safety Officer

Safety Quiz Competition Questions & Answers For Safety Officer
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Safety Quiz Competition Questions & Answers For Safety Officer.

Safety Quiz Competition Questions & Answers For Safety Officer

Total No. of questions = 20

Marks on each correct answer = 5

Total Marks = 100

Passing Score = 80%

(1) What is the gas hazardous to health that is exhausted from a vehicle:

(A) Carbon dioxide

(B) Carbon Monoxide

(C) Chloro Fluoro Carbon

(D) Hydro Fluoro Carbon

(2) All the following are driving distractions except:

(A) Eating and drinking

(B) Talking to the passengers

(C) Scanning the road ahead of you

(D) Adjusting the radio (FM station)

(3) During Emergency Evauation Drill

(A) Shutdown your computer and then Evacuate

(B) Inform your Collegues and then Evacuate

(C) Immediately Evacuate when siren is heard

(D) Wait for an Announcement

(4) OHSAS 18001:2007 deals with

(A) Overall Health and Safety

(B) Overseas Health and Safety

(C) Occupational Health and Safety

(D) Optimum Health and Safety

(5) What is the full form of EMS

(A) Engineering Management Systems

(B) Environmental Management System

(C) Environmental Monitoring system

(D) Environmental measurement system

(6) An unprotected manhole is an example for

(A) Incident

(B) Near Miss

(C) Unsafe condition

(D) Unsafe act

(7) What do you mean by CPR (A) Circulation Pumping Rate

(B) Cardio Palpitation Rate

(C) Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

(D) Cardio Pulmonary Rate.

(8) What type of electricity generation is good for the environment

(A) Nuclear energy

(B) Thermal energy

(C) Wind energy

(D) Reliance energy

(9) Components of fire triangle

(A) Fire, Heat and Vapor

(B) Fire, Heat and Smoke

(C) Heat, Fuel and Oxygen

(D) Fuel, Oxygen and Smoke

(10) Gradual loss of alertness in Drivers that leads to occasional nodding off and then sleep is called as:

(A) Headache

(B) Fatigue

(C) Intoxication

(D) Suffocation

(11) When the water is ready for drinking, it is also called

(A) Portable water

(B) Potable water

(C) Distilled Water

(D) Diluted Water

(12) What happens in ‘Shock’ (A) Reduced Oxygen Supply in body

(B) Excess Supply of Oxygen in body

(C) No Supply of Oxygen

(D) None of the above

(13) What are the issues for global environment protection

(A) Global warming

(B) Ozone depletion

(C) Sustainable development

(D) All the above

(14) What is the full form of PUC as per Motor Vehicle Act

(A) Pollution Under Credential

(B) Pollution Under Check

(C) Pollution Under Control

(D) Pollution Under Critical

(15) Microwave Oven generates

(A) Ultra Violet waves

(B) Infra Red waves

(C) Electro Magnetic Waves

(D) Ultra Sonic Waves

(16) Electrical shock occurs when electrical appliances are not

(A) Grounded

(B) Grinded

(C) Grouted

(D) Grabbed

(17) Waste Management is

(A) Reduce-Reuse-Reclaim

(B) Reduce-Resume-Recycle

(C) Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

(D) Reject-Reuse-Recycle

(18) Air conditioner should not contain

(A) Air Filter

(B) Compressor

(C) Ozone Depleting substances

(D) Condenser

(19) In a hospital this facility is used for disposing off the bio-medical waste

(A) Pathological Laboratory

(B) X-ray Machine

(C) Incinerator

(D) Blood Bank

(20) Full form of MSDS is

(A) Material Safety Distribution Sheet

(B) Material Safety Data Sheet

(C) Material Safety Direction Sheet

(D) Material Safety Deployment Sheet

For the correct answer, watch video.

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