Types of NEBOSH Safety Courses

Types of NEBOSH Safety Courses
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Types of NEBOSH Safety Courses

Types of NEBOSH Safety Courses : NEBOSH, or the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, offers a range of safety courses that cater to different industries and levels of expertise. Below are details about some of the key NEBOSH courses:

1. NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC)


  • Foundations in Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Workplace Hazards and Risk Control
  • Transport Hazards and Risk Control
  • Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control
  • Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Control
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Chemical and Biological Hazards and Risk Control
  • Physical and Psychological Health Hazards and Risk Control

Course Fees: Range from $800 to $1500.

Who Can Attend: Suitable for managers, supervisors, and employees with health and safety responsibilities.


  • Globally recognized qualification.
  • Develops a broad understanding of health and safety issues.
  • Enhances the ability to manage risks effectively.

Salary: Varies based on industry, location, and experience.

2. NEBOSH International Diploma (IDip)


  • Unit IA: Managing Health and Safety
  • Unit IB: Hazardous Substances and Agents
  • Unit IC: Workplace and Work Equipment Safety
  • Unit ID: Application of Health and Safety Theory and Practice

Course Fees: Typically ranges from $2500 to $5000.

Who Can Attend: Suitable for health and safety professionals aiming for senior roles.


  • High-level qualification in occupational health and safety.
  • Skills and knowledge to become a competent health and safety practitioner.

Salary: Often commands higher salaries in senior management roles.

3. NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work (HSW)


  • Foundations of Health and Safety
  • Responsibility for Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessment and Control
  • Hazards and Controls Associated with Work Equipment
  • Transport Safety
  • Hazards and Controls Associated with Working with Electricity
  • Fire Safety
  • Hazards and Controls Associated with Manual Handling and Repetitive Movement
  • Hazards and Controls Associated with Hazardous Substances
  • Hazards and Controls Associated with the Working Environment

Course Fees: Typically ranges from $500 to $1000.

Who Can Attend: Suitable for employees and managers across all industries.


  • Entry-level qualification in health and safety.
  • Provides a basic understanding of workplace safety.

Salary: May lead to enhanced job prospects and potentially increased salaries.

Keep in mind that the actual fees, syllabus details, and eligibility criteria can vary based on training providers and geographical locations. It’s recommended to verify the latest information with authorized NEBOSH training providers. These certifications offer valuable insights into occupational health and safety, contributing significantly to career growth and workplace safety practices.

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FAQs about NEBOSH Safety Courses

  1. Are NEBOSH qualifications globally accepted?
    • Yes, NEBOSH qualifications are recognized and respected worldwide.
  2. What are the career prospects after completing NEBOSH courses?
    • NEBOSH courses open doors to various roles in health and safety management across industries.
  3. Can anyone enroll in NEBOSH courses, or are there prerequisites?
    • Prerequisites may vary based on the course level, but most NEBOSH courses are open to all.
  4. How do NEBOSH courses differ from other safety certifications?
    • NEBOSH courses offer a comprehensive understanding and are globally renowned for their rigor and depth.
  5. Are NEBOSH courses suitable for individuals without prior safety knowledge?
    • Yes, NEBOSH courses cater to beginners and professionals seeking to enhance their expertise.

In conclusion, NEBOSH safety courses stand as a gold standard in ensuring workplace safety and fostering professional growth. With a diverse range of courses catering to different industries and career paths, they empower individuals to champion safety initiatives globally.

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