Important ‘5Es’ for Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention
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‘5Es’ for Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention

What is 5Es?

‘5es’ is the process through which accidents at the working site are prevented. This is a very effective method which curbs the accident happening on the site.

What is 5Es Model?

1. Education

2. Engineering

3. Enforcement

4. Encouragement

5. Evaluation

1. Education

The first step of ‘5es’ is education. This is a very effective method which can prevent the accident to a great extent. In a research, it came to the fore that the main cause of accidents is lack of proper education.

When a person does some work and does not know enough about it, then human error occurs and it becomes the cause of the accident. In such a situation, if we provide as much education as possible related to that work before starting work, and you will see that a positive result will come out in front of you and you will be satisfied with that result to a great extent.

Example :-

– How to safely operate the tools, tackles and equipment,

– Providing tool box talk (TBT) before starting each work,

– Company should organize seminars from time to time.

2. Engineering

The second most important point in the ‘5 Es’ process is engineering control. Through this, we can achieve high level safety tasks within the company. There are many modern techniques under this, by implementing which we can achieve our safety tasks.


– Machines which are being operated without guard

– Lack of illumination where the work is being done,

– Advance PPE”S

3. Enforcement

Enforcement means to implement. This is the third most important point of the 5es, and all the 5es safety words are dependent on each other. It is as important to follow the first word as it is to the last word.

If we have given training to the workers, provided advance PPE with advance tools, tackles, still accidents are happening, then there we find out the root causes of the accident and then make new rules and implement them.

When making a rule and implementing it, we pay attention to who is following the rule and who is not. The one who is ignoring the new rule, put pressure on him to follow the new rule so that the accident inside the company can be prevented.

Example:- Penalty

4. Encouragement/Enthusiasm

We see that there are many such workers inside the company who follow the safety during work or have never been found doing unsafe activity and have never caused an accident.

Management should take such workers details from safety or site supervisor. And reward them so that after seeing more workers, they themselves are excited to get the award and do not show any kind of negligence in following the company safety policy.


– Management should arrange for safety related competition.

– Workers should be honored by cash.

– To encourage workers, give them promotion.

5. Evaluation

The last word of 5es is evaluation which literally means “change”. Any rules, regulation which have become outdated and you think it should be updated, then make changes in it. Make new rules and laws and implement them.

Example:- Procedure

‘5Es’ for Accident Prevention
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