ADIS Safety Course

ADIS Safety Course
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ADIS Safety Course

Nowadays there is a competition to make a career in the field of safety engineering and many students are easily giving priority to courses like ADIS safety course, Diploma in Industrial Safety Course, fire and safety. After that job is getting easily. That’s why the trend of more children is increasing like this.

The way the competition is increasing to become a career in this field, in the same way big companies are also changing their rules. 4 to 5 years ago from today, companies were serious about the safety policy and used to follow almost all the safety procedures which the safety council used to say but were not so serious about the degree. But as the competition got bigger, companies started making changes in their education policy.

Now any company is hiring only those who have 3 years degree related to safety engineer or B.Sc with 1 year diploma for permanent job here. Or 3 years diploma is available.

But the most important degree that is being demanded to make a career in this field is ADIS (Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety) or adis safety course. The company which is hiring those children for permanent job who have this degree available.

It is not so that the children who are doing one year diploma from any institution, then there are no opportunities for them. There are many contractors who are offering jobs even today if the candidate has done one diploma from any institution.

In such a situation, there is absolutely no need for those students who are doing one year diploma related to safety from any institution. Because job is available for them in the market and they can easily get job by doing safety related course.

Qualification for ADIS

You must have heard many students sitting or you must also know that to do ADIS safety course, B.Sc from Science stream. or B.Tech. Or it is mandatory to have a diploma of 3 years.

But I would like to tell that students who want to do ADIS safety course from MSBTE (Maharashtra Board of Technical Education) and do not have any of the above mentioned degree then they can also do ADIS safety course.

ADIS Safety Course Eligibility

1. If a student has passed out 10+2 from any stream and has done FR (Fire Service Engineering) from MSBTE. This course is two years. In such a situation, such a candidate becomes eligible to do ADIS safety course .

2. If a candidate B.A. Or have done any course before graduation from B.Com or any university, then such students can also do ADIS safety course. To do this, first they can do one year course FF (Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety and Security Management) from MSBTE and do ADIS safety course.

3.Which I am going to tell about the third course, after which you can do ADIS safety course, then the name of that course is FI (Post Diploma in Fire Engineering) it is a 1-year course, after which you have to do that. If a person has 2 years site experience with graduation, then that person can do ADIS safety course.

Now you must have understood that even if your B.Sc., 3 Years Diploma or B. Tech is not available, you can still do ADIS.

Top 10 ADIS School/College

Here I am going to tell you about the top 10 adis schools associated with ADIS. You can take admission here. Apart from this, I am not giving negative feedback about all the other adis schools. You can also take admission there. The thing to note is whether the college is approved by the government board or not.

1 Maharashtra Mumbai CLI MSBTE

2 West Bengal Kolkata RLI West Bengal State Council of Technology

3 Tamil Nadu Chennai RLI Education Chennai Directorate of Technical Government of Tamil Nadu

4 U.P. Kanpur RLI Kanpur Board of Technical Education U.P. Lucknow

5 Haryana Faridabad RLI Faridabad Haryana State Board of Technical Education

6 Maharashtra New Mumbai TBIA Rable MSBTE

7 Gujarat Ahmadabad MGLI Ahmedabad Gujarat State Technical Education

8 Maharashtra Thane VPM Thane MSBTE

9 Andhra Pradesh Dawarika Nagar Invotech Precision Engineering State Board of Technical Education and Training

10 Maharashtra Nasik KK Wagh MSBTE

All the above information has been taken from internet. Apart from this, if you know about any other adis school, then which is good, then you should take admission in that one. Apart from this, there are many adis schools in which you can take admission.

But before taking admission in ADIS, do not forget to take advance utility feed back about that adis school. Which you have to repent after taking admission.

Do not rely on the data you are getting on the basis of Internet and Google. Do not forget to take feedback from the children by going to the adis school in which you want to take admission. So that you get the best information about that college Could.


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