Errors of Lock Out Tag Out

Lock Out Tag Out
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Errors of Lock Out Tag Out

Lock Out Tag Out Errors/Mistakes can be overwhelming in the place where it has been made the basis of security. Therefore, where it is being used, special attention is required that mistakes do not become the cause of accidents.

When it comes to the safety of the people working on any machines, it is very effective to follow the Lock Out/Tag Out procedures from the point of view of safety. If you work in a place where there is more danger and use this safety methods then the possibility of danger is reduced to a great extent.

In the machine which has to be repaired, first of all, we turn off the electric supply and lock it and use the tag.

When an appliance is to be repaired, people understand that it has been done deliberately, after putting a tag with the lock, in such a situation, they do not supply electricity.

Following the lock out / tag out procedure during the repair of a machine, it becomes impossible to start the machine being repaired, and the safety of those working in hazardous areas increases. Is.

This safety procedure eliminates the risk of electrocution or electrocution after the machine is activated when the machine is being repaired.

Unfortunately, while following this safety procedure, people still make mistakes that result in a serious injury or the death of the person who is in the grip.

Lock Out Tag Out Gone Wrong

When going to follow the lock out tag out procedure, then there is a need to pay special attention to the mistakes that occur in this security process.

We will see a point by point of the mistakes made while following this security procedure to see how those mistakes can be eliminated.

1. Failing to Test the Control

Wherever the lock out tag out system is being used, the people working at that place become more confident about the safety. But it is true that this lock out is the biggest mistake of the tag out process.

When a person repairs a machine and when its controls have to be checked, so that it can be ensured that the maintenance is complete. But in some cases the backup electricity of the machine is available or any type of electrical energy can be stored inside the machine.

If the person does not take the time to confirm whether the power has been completely removed from the machine then it can result in a major incident.

2. Control Circuit instead of Main Power Source

Many times during the repair of the machine, except the power supply of the machine, which is the main supply, it is locked. This is done so that it becomes easy to cut and supply electricity.

When the idea of ​​disconnecting it from the supply room for the first time may sound good but it is not safe. Because due to the short circuit of the machine or any kind of malfunction in the system, there may be an electric supply inside the machine. And this condition can lead to electrocution.

Therefore, those entering the machine for repair need to ensure that the safety rule like lock out tag out is followed at the place from where the electrical operation is being done inside the machine or not.

3. Unauthorized Perform the Lockout Tagout Steps

Whatever is ready to work on or inside a machine, it happens very quickly. He wants how soon he can finish the work. If he has to take shortcuts for this, then he does not hesitate. There is a shortcut in this when the person entering to repair the machine asks someone else to turn the power on and off.

When such a procedure is followed, the person working inside the machine does not have the key to the lock, which can put the person working inside the machine in high danger. Because he will not be able to know whether the machine has been shut down properly or not.

Therefore, when the safety rule like lock out tagout is being followed for work in such a place, then it must be seen whether the people who are going for work in the dangerous area are aware of the lockout tagout procedure or not.

4. Avoid LOTO Procedure for immediate Jobs

Usually, the biggest mistake among the mistakes is not to follow the lockout tagout procedure to finish a task quickly. Most of the safety rules are not followed when a person has to change small parts of the machine.

The person thinks that he has to take very less time during the work, so it is not necessary to go through the whole process, and the person ignores the rules related to safety.

Therefore, it is necessary that the person entering the dangerous area, before entering, check whether the safety rules have been followed there. If he is completely satisfied with the security related arrangements then he should enter that place to work.

5. Unaware the Hazard Area

There are also some people who do not think about the danger in the working areas inside the machine and the way to avoid it. This is when they have limited knowledge about the dangers at that location. In other words, one can say that the person is not very much aware about the security.

This can usually happen with large machines where the person is comfortable with movement. Therefore, to protect people from danger at such a place, it is necessary to make it clear that each entry or exit area of ​​the machine should be clearly marked.

That is, a person should not enter inside without knowing what kind of possible dangers he may have to face inside.

6. Follow Multiple Procedure of LOTO Improperly

Very often it happens that more than one person enters to work inside the machine and all follow all log out tag out procedure before entering inside the machine, i.e. all the persons to stop the electrical operation inside the machine. For this, apply your own different lock.

This is done so that when every person comes out, then electric supply should be done inside the machine.

But many times such a rule is not followed and there must be two or more persons to work inside the machine but there is a single lock. When a person has to conduct electricity assuming that all the persons have come out and he makes the current flow in the machine. Which can become the cause of electrocution.

Therefore, all the technicians who go inside the machine to do work, only then they will use their different lock and everyone will have their own key.

What Conclusion We Can Get –

Lockout Tagout Mistakes seem normal to see but it can lead to an accident. Therefore it is necessary that all the above mentioned mistakes need to be seen before entering the work inside the machine. Because where the LOTO system is followed, the risk is high and even a small mistake can cause a big risk.

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