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Life Saving Rules
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10 Life Saving Rules (LSR) Of ADNOC

1) Work Authorization:- Obtain a valid permit when required

2) Confined Space:- Obtain authorization before entering into a confined space

3) Energy Isolation:- Verify isolation & zero energy before work begins.

4) By Passing Safety Control:- Obtain authorization before overriding or disabling safety control

5) Work At Height:- Protect yourself from fall when working at height

6) Safe Mechanical Lifting:- Plan lifting operations & control the area

7) Toxic Gas:- Follow the rules for working in a toxic gas environment

8) Driving:- Follow safe driving rules

9) Line Of Fire:- Keep yourself & others out of the line of fire

10) Hot Works:- Control flammable & ignition sources

I hope, you understand Life Saving Rules (LSR) of ADNOC.

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