All About Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
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Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Hazards, safety precautions, physical properties its characteristic?

From which device on the site of this gas can we identify what is on the site, then we will know that if a person becomes effected with H2S, then what is the treatment on him? And then we are going to know that if in cases H2S gas leaks,

how should we have evacuate it at that time?

So all these information you are going to get through this post.

keep one thing in mind that whenever you have any hydrocarbon area like you in

any oil and gas company. If you go to work, then the H2S gas which is there is mostly what it is, it keeps leaking, i.e., you can assume that the most dangerous thing there is of H2S gas, then the authorized gas tester which is testing this gas.

If he does, he should know everything about this gas, that is, what is the characteristic of that gas? What is the hazard involved in that?

What precautions should be taken for that and then there is that the authorized gas tester should know that whenever there is an H2S leak inside the plant, which device is there to detail it, the first of all, which devices are inside the plant.

Let’s see what is the h2s gas?

H2S gas i.e. hydrogen sulfide gas which is hydrogen sulfide gas is poisonous gas i.e. poisonous gas and at the same time it is corrosive gas, due to which if its concentration is low, then in that low concentration, it will also take the life of the man in that low concentration.

Hydrogen sulfide has been given different names in a lot of industry like its name is hydrogen sulphide and one also calls it, sting dam, it is also called sulphurated hydrogen, it is also called sour gas and rotten-egg gas is also called hydro sulphuric. It is also called acid and finally it is also called sulphur hybrid, so these are all the varieties of names, these are all different names of hydrogen sulfide.

Let’s now see what is the physical characteristic of this H2S gas?

So the first point that comes is that it is, it is highly toxic and at the same time it

is poisonous gas in seconds that it is a colorless gas, which has no color, in the

third that this soluble in water i.e. what is in the water is quickly from becomes soluble The smell of hydrogen sulphide up to one ppm comes like rotten-egg and as its concentration increases, so does the sense of smell which is lost.

From per cent to fourty six per cent i.e. four point three which is lower explosive limit and fourty six which is upper explosive limit is the auto ignition temperature of H2S gas which is two hundred and sixty degree Celsius i.e. five hundred degrees Fahrenheit The density of the vapor is one from the air.

Point to Times Are Heavyr When H2S Gas Burns, The Blue Frame It Has Produces Sulphur Dioxide And These Sulphur Dioxide Which Is The Dishonour Toxic Gas

Hydrogen Sulfide Is Highly Corossive.

For some certain metals you have to keep this in mind As the concentration of the

actress increases, she affects your health, that is, if her concentration is ten ppm, then the income that you have because of it, the eriation, gold will start and as the

concentration increases as it is twenty ppm, thirty. If there is ppm, its effect will increase as if the coughing will be an eye retention and at the same time,

the sense of smell that I have will be lost in two to four minutes and as his concentration increases, the pulse that is yours and the respiratory track above it will be above it. And in the last, when it comes to hundred ppm, he enters IDLH,

IDLH means’ Immediately dangerous to life and health.

so let’s talk about whenever you have to work in the environment of H2S gas, that time What precautions do you have to take?

So the first point that comes is that his H2S training i.e. whatever person is working in such a place that there is a possibility of having a concentration of H2S gas there, then at that time it is very important to have H2S training of that person in which you will be told that

What are the properties of H2S Gas What is H2S Gas What is these cases?

What do you have to do if it leaks and how to be careful with it?

So in the H2S training of all these things, you are given a lot of information, the second point is the personal H2S gas monitor i.e. whichever person is working in such an environment, where there is a possibility of having a concentration of H2S gas, he has a personal H2S gas monitor.

It is very important to keep in mind that this H2S gas monitor will detect only empty east gas, but when is it that when its concentration is ten: PPM will be then if H2S gas is in less than ten ppm concentration then it cannot detect the personal gas detector comes third point. Emergency escape breathing Apparatus i.e. you have very important to have the fourth that you should know the win

hundred fit. You should know about the H2S alarm, six is the emergency evacuation route where it is, you should know about it, what is the emergency plan, you should know about it and next comes emergency standby vehicle

in these cases. If the gas leaks, you can use that emergency vehicle at that


Let’s now know which devices are inside the site which identify H2S gas?

first comes the fix detector which is fixed at a place inside the plant, then after

that is the personal monitor. The employee who has that personal monitor which every worker has is with him, then there is a multi-gas detector which is with the NGT due to which he does the gas testing and then there is the wireless detectors.

Let’s know now about H2S Hazards?

If H2S is leaked, then it is because of it, there is a problem in the respiratory

track, there is a problem of irritation, there is nausea or there is abdominal pain, there is loss of consciousness, brain damage. It can also be possible or even

death, so it is from all the hazards, it can be due to the H2S if it leaks.

let’s know if any person is affected by this H2S if it becomes affected by

this H2S. So, what’s the treatment for him?

So as soon as you find out that what is H2S in an area has been leaked and someone who is there has become affected due to that H2S, then first of all you have to send a rescue team there and the risk persevere that is there.

There should be positive pressure of breathing apparatus and he should wear it, then after that whoever is the victim has to move to the fresh air which is audiometrically and if it is possible then where the gas has leaked, it has to

go to its up wind direction and the resume has to go to. It is to be ensured that when he goes out of the contaminant area where H2S has occurred, then he has to remove the breathing apparatus that he has, then if the victim’s breathing

stops, then if the victim’s breathing stops, then the start CPR. you must know about CPR. You have to give and the CPR that is there, you can also give it by doing artificial respiration or if you have a resuscitator, you can also use it and the resuscitation that you have to give to the victim team as long as there is a change.

If you don’t get the qualified medical assistant arrive, then you should know all these things.

So let’s know that if H2S gas is leaked, what precautions should you take at that time?

So first of all you have to keep in mind that as soon as the H2S gas leaks, i.e., your

personal gas detector starts sounding, it starts giving alarms, then at that time you have the ability to do what is your job first. To stop that is, first of all you have to stop whatever work activity you have, then after that if you can turn off whatever equipment you have in running conditions, then you have to do it.

Look at the windsock so that you can know which side the direction of the wind is on. Then as soon as you know the wind direction because of the windsock, the first thing you have to do is go to the cross direction of the wind and how

long as your personal gas monitor will keep the alarm as long as it is. Will stop and then see where the assembly point is? Then as soon as you reach the assembly point, there you have to count the head After that you have to inform on the emergency contact number that the H2S has been leaked here and there we have started the evacuation process. When you do the head count there and you have seen that someone who is a person, who has not come there, someone is missing, then at that time you have to give this information on the emergency contact number whether there is a person or two persons, that is missing. And for that you have to send a rescue team.

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Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)


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