Bar Bending Machine

Bar Bending Machine
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Safe Operation of Bar Bending Machine

Bar Bending Machine is a common equipment used at construction sites. It is used to bend the bar made of any kind of metal. This machine is especially used in building construction.

This machine is used to bend any kind of rod or bar into any angel in a precise manner. Whenever a person uses this machine, he needs to be very careful. It is certainly convenient but equally dangerous.

If caution is not taken during its operation, it can prove fatal. Here we are going to learn about the ways to avoid the dangers during the operation of bar bending machine. It is very important for a safety professional to know this, so that when it is to be used, he can tell about the precautions to be taken during Bar Bending Machine Toolbox Talk and create a safe environment at the workplace.

Here there is a need to take precautions during the operation of some bar bending machine which are as follows –

1. Read the Manual Book from the Manufacturer

After purchasing the Bar Bending Machine, the manual book given by the manufacturer has to be read before operating the machine. There is the following information inside the manual book, which is useful during the operation of the machine.

a. All the parts of the machine which are used during the operation are shown through the diagram.

b. In which area it is operated and what kind of electrical safety has to be followed during its operation, it is also given in the manual book.

c. What kind of personal safety instruction has to be followed, it also remains in this book and it also has to be studied.

d. The details of how to use Electrical Tools and its care are also given in the manual book.

e. How to use the machine and when maintenance is required?

f. How to operate it means operational instruction.

g. Machine’s part listing is also done in it.

It can be said that the information given in the Manual Book tells how to use the equipment properly. So that a safe environment can be created at the workplace and personal safety measures can be used to avoid injury and death.

2. Use Correct Personal Protective Equipment

Self-protective equipment acts as a barrier between the accident and workers, providing protection to workers in dangerous situations if workers work with potentially dangerous equipment.

List of Correct PPE –

Dust Mask

Full Face Shield or Goggles

safety shoes

hard hat

Ear Protection (Ear Plug, Ear Muff)

Comfortable clothing that is not loose


3. Carefully place your hand while operating machine

The bender fitted in the Bar Bending Machine repeatedly turns towards the roller section. Therefore, when the operation of the bending machine is being done, it is necessary to avoid taking the hand near the roller. Apart from this, avoid taking the hand near pivot shoes, cutting blocks and rollers.

It is necessary to concentrate and balance while operating the Bending Machine. If any kind of unexpected situation arises, then in such a time the power tools have to operate properly.

4. In Cold Weather Warm Up the Bar Bending Machine for a While

Whenever the bending machine has to be used in cold weather, it has to be started and left for some time so that it gets warm, it is very important for best result and safe operation. When you do this, the machine gets the required speed for bar bending and you can get better results.

The biggest advantage of heating the bar bending machine is that the pressure on the machine is less during work and it gives much better results.

5. Before Bending Hold the Bar you must check that it should be Parallel to the Bender Machine

While using Bar Bending Machine, the bar has to be kept parallel to the machine. Can do that or it is mandatory for good result. When the bar is to be bent, first of all the right angle has to be chosen, this will be possible when the bar is parallel to the machine.

When we do not keep the bar at the right place then it will not be able to turn according to the requirement of your angle and it will collide with the operator’s body which can cause serious injury.

6. Operate the Foot Paddle Carefully

The foot paddle of Bar Bending Machine determines the direction of bending of the machine operator and this bending direction depends on the mm of the bar. From the point of view of safety, it is very important that the person who is bending the bar should also operate the foot paddle.

If different persons are operating it, then it will not be able to operate properly and all the persons who are operating it may come in the grip of accident.

7. If Machine is technically Fit then only Operate the Bender Machine

If the operator does not know about the bending machine completely then he should not operate it. The same operator is capable of operating the bending machine, who can detect any technical problem in the machine and does not operate the machine until it is fully fit.

Never use the machine under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine, otherwise the accident caused by the machine can injure you and other co-workers working there at the construction site.

Do’s and Don’t of Bar Bending Machine

Whenever the bar bending machine is being operated, it is necessary to know what the operator should and should not do for safety. After knowing this, if he operates the machine, then the risk level will be greatly reduced and the surrounding environment will also be safe.


All the machine operators are required to be trained to operate the machine safely before operating the machine.

Visual inspection is necessary before operating the machine.

Before operating the machine, it is also necessary to see whether all the safe guard systems are in place or not.

Correct personal protective equipment has to be used before operating the Bar Bending Machine.

Hands have to be kept away from all the moving parts.

There should be proper housekeeping at the workplace and the tools used should be clean and in their place.

It is necessary to have proper light where the machine is running.

It should be seen that if an operator comes in contact with dangerous part, he can be isolated from dangerous energy or not.


No loose clothes, no chain and handkerchief around the neck, hair should not be too long and the sleeve of the shirt should not be open.

It can get entangled in the machine. If there is long hair then before operating the machine it has to be tied back.

Never try to distract the operator operating the machine.

If a machine is not being maintained properly then do not operate it. If the work is over, leave the place only after turning off the power.

Never remove material from the machine while it is running. When the machine stops, use hand to remove the material.

All the machine guards installed are for the safety of the operator, they should never be removed. Where bar bending machine is running, no other work should be conducted there.

Do not attempt to reach such parts of the machine which may cause danger while the machine is running.

If the guard of any machine is missing, then it should not be used. It amplifies the risks and creates more danger.

The machine should not be used for anything for which it is not made, otherwise such a situation can create danger.

Bar Bending Machine


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