Construction Site Injuries Factor

Construction Site Injuries Factor
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Construction Site Injuries Factor

If any work is done on the Construction Site or inside the Industry Site, then it is natural to have an accident there. Although there are many factors for accidents, but there are some common injuries factors which are among the main causes of accidents. Injuries caused due to workplace accidents, working unsafely is the root cause of injuries. Apart from this, if the circumstances are opposite to the work, then they also become the cause of the accident. Therefore, before going to such places, it is also necessary to know about the environment of that work place.

If safety talk is being talked about within the organization, then all the employees working in that organization should know about the common injuries factor, which can protect themselves from accidents at the workplace.

5 common injury factors at construction site

Let us see the 5 common injuries factor which are one of the factors of accident at workplace.

1. Distraction

There are some disturb elements at the work place that keep distracting during the work and it can be in that real work environment like – Horseplay, Noisy environment or stress.

All these factors can be the reason for the accident. All these three things are common in the place where we are working and it does not happen at any particular workplace, but at every construction industry workplace and if it is not removed in time then it becomes the cause of accident. Is.

If not removed especially noisy environment at the workplace, horseplay creates mental distraction and creates a strain of attention during work and promotes accident.

2. Complacency

Many employees do the same work for many years, then they get immense experience in that work and become very complacent about that work or can say that overconfidence comes about that work. And when such a situation arises, most of the workers start taking shortcuts during work.

When any person takes shortcuts, he starts ignoring the rules of safety and when this happens, the chances of getting injured after an accident during work increases.

3. Poor Housekeeping

Accidents caused by housekeeping at some workplaces such as construction sites are one of the common injuries factor. In many places it is one of the main reasons for accidents. Bad housekeeping gives rise to different types of hazards.

The main hazards caused by this are slip, trip, fall, sprains and strains etc. Not having proper housekeeping in the working area is an indication that you are inviting dangers. The lack of housekeeping makes one realize that the employer is not much concerned about the safety of those working in his organization.

4. Poor Preplanning

It is very important to plan before doing any work, due to lack of planning a large number of problems arise. Before starting any work, it is very important to analysis the dangers present there. Otherwise, when the hazards in those working areas are left unchecked, there remains a problem of injury to the employees working there.

When we do not plan for any work, then the right equipment used during the work is not used or such equipment is used which damages. The biggest disadvantage of starting work without planning is that we are not able to train workers in the right direction related to work, which becomes one of the causes of accidents during work.

If we start any work without planning, it will never be finished on time, because we have not considered the points that cause disruption during the work, and it creates problems during the work. That’s why it is necessary to plan before starting any work, which is very important for safety.

5. Shortcuts

As far as my experience is concerned, shortcuts are the cause of most of the accidents at the working site. Because during shortcuts workers ignore the rules of safety which results in accident. Employees can have many reasons for adopting shortcuts but it is not allowed on any working site.

If adequate security is required at the workplace, then shortcuts should be completely banned at such places and if anyone avoids it, then the punishment prescribed by the organization must be given.


The above mentioned five common factors contribute to most of the hazards at the workplace. That’s why it is necessary that before starting any work or when the work is being conducted, it is necessary to evaluate all these common factors at such a place. During this, it is necessary to see whether all the five common factors are not in practice.

To make sure that you are able to work safely, it is necessary to work to eliminate these factors from the workplace, then only you can develop a safe environment at the workplace.


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