Basic Fire Safety Rules

Basic Fire Safety Rules
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Basic Fire Safety Rules

Basic Fire Safety Rules

1) Where there is a telephone public booth inside the organization, there should be the number of the fire department, so that there is no need to ask anyone in case of emergency.

2) Apart from this, it should be emphasized that everyone remembers the number of the fire department.

3) Always give priority to good housekeeping at the workplace and get the work done after removing any potential danger of fire due to lack of cleanliness.

4) In order to have proper housekeeping at the workplace, keep cleaning all the waste paper, rubbish, and other flammable materials on a regular basis.

5) Keep any inflammable material in a proper container and store it in a safe place.

6) Whatever electrical installation inside the organization has to be checked on a regular basis and whatever open wires are there, there should not be any kind of cuts in them and that too has to be checked before starting the work.

7) Never overload any circuit, whether you are using any appliances or lighting the lights as required.

8) Whatever blown fuse should not be replaced with coin, wire or metal even by mistake.

9) Whatever electrical appliances are in use, they should be turned off and this rule should be followed strictly.

10) Do not leave the candle or light burning where it is not necessary, if you are leaving the place where it is burning, extinguish it.

11) Every employee should strictly follow the ‘No Smoking Sign’.

12) Burning cigar, cigarette should not be thrown anywhere inside the organization, nor should it be put in the dustbin. This often becomes the cause of fire.

13) One should never smoke cigar or cigarette wherever there is inflammable substance. It is completely banned at the workplace.

14) You have to be sure whether the pre-fire plan is being followed in the office where you are working or about to do it.

15) Whatever fire fighting equipment is installed inside the organization should be checked regularly.

16) Always be aware of fire safety. This will be possible when you are following the fire safety rules.

Basic Fire Safety Rules
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