Do’s and Don’ts for Work at Height

Work at Height
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Do’s and Don’ts for Work at Height

Do’s and Don’ts for Work at Height : Whenever work is being done at height, the person working at the workplace should follow all the provision which prevents the incident like fall of person from height. The site supervisor or safety officer at the workplace needs to emphasize on how to stay safe while working at height.

There are some safety rules while working at height, it is the moral responsibility of all the workers working at height to know and follow them.

Whenever work at height toolbox talk or work at height tbt is being conducted, there is a need to specially emphasize on those points that what should be done and what should not be done during work at height i.e. do’s and don’t for work at height.

Let’s understand Do’s and Don’t for Work at Height from the following points and inform each worker about it during height work toolbox talk.


When a person is working at a height from where there is a possibility of falling, then before working, it has to be seen whether all the provisions which are required at the workplace have been made to avoid fall of person from height.

Before working, it has to be seen whether the mid rail and top rail around the long working platform have been made according to the rules or not.

Before working at height, it is necessary to ensure whether there is sufficient means to reach there or not and apart from this, it has to be ensured that proper platform has been constructed for working.

If you are going to work at height, then keep all your tools in a toolkit or tool bag.

Use safety belt and safety helmet while working at height, especially in unguarded areas.

If work is going on or walking at height, then through the display, warn people not to go there and if you are going, be alert.

Wherever work is going on at height, there is a need to ensure that the work is being conducted through permit or not.

Somewhere if work is to be done at height then it should be done in day light and priority should be given to work at that time when strong wind is not blowing.

Use rope, sling and bucket to carry the material and inspect it before use or before carrying.

Let the person go up only after it is ensured that the person working at height is completely medically fit.


If the person working at height is physically and mentally unfit, never allow him to work in an unguarded area.

Never perform two different tasks at height at the same time.

Whatever safety belt you are using during work, do not tie it at a height lower than the work level.

Never leave loose material on the platform.

Never throw material from height.

Whenever work is to be done at height, do not take support of pipe line and equipment.

Do not operate without a valid safety permit.

Do not use damages rope to lift any material.

Never work near over head power line.

Do not operate work near high pressure steam line without protection.

Never use a portable ladder to reach the height. Use the ladder made of platform support only to go to the height.

Never use cable tray as a portable ladder.

Do’s and Don’ts for Work at Height


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