Driving Safety At Work Toolbox Talk (TBT)

Driving Safety At Work Toolbox Talk (TBT)
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Driving Safety At Work Toolbox Talk.

Driving Safety At Work Toolbox Talk

Effective management of work-related road safety helps reduce risk, no matter what size your organization is. It could also result in, for example:

 fewer injuries to drivers

 reduced risk of work-related ill-health

 reduced stress and improved morale


 Over speeding

 Incompatible vehicle

 Incompetent user

 Weather conditions

 Excessive work demands

 Influence of drugs

 overconfidence


 Personal injuries

 Property damage

 Vehicle damage

 Deaths

 Financial impacts

 Legal actions

 Loss of productivity

Do Not Drive (If)

 You do not have a driving license

 Your vehicle category is not compatible with your license

 You are feeling tired or fatigued

 You have certain health problems

 Are unaware of area or routes

 Your vehicle is damaged or needs maintenance

 The weather is not favorable

 You have consumed drugs

Always Drive (If)

 You have driving li-cense

 Vehicle category is relevant to your driving li-cense

 You possess suitable competency to drive a specific vehicle

 You are not under influence of drugs

 You are well aware of area routes and locations

 Your vehicle is well maintained and fit for use

 Weather conditions is favorable for driving

I hope, you understand about the Driving Safety At Work Toolbox Talk.

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