Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke
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Heat Stroke

Friends as you know during summer days, our body temperature start to increase due to that we loss our capabilities of work & slowly slowly our body salt losses which results loss of concentration on work, unconsciousness & some time it can cause death also.

There are different stages which we may have to go through before get the Heat Stroke which are as follows:

1) Heat Cramps

2) Heat Exhaustions

3) Heat Stroke

The following precautions we can take to prevent Heat Stroke which are as follows:-

  • Wear light and cotton clothes preferably lighter shades.
  • If possible wear sunglasses and a cap to prevent you face and forehead from catching the wave.
  • Avoid cold drinks completely, not even are they a store house of bad chemicals and pesticides, the chilled cola would give you a sore throat also.
  • If possible, keep a pack of Glucon-D with you and keep on drinking it in short intervals.
  • Stay hydrated as much as you can, in the scorching sun we shed enough sweat that we don’t feel the need to *pee but discharging it is also essential.
  • Eat freshly cut salads like cucumbers, tomatoes etc which are rich in water content and have the right minerals required to keep you body cool in this summer.
  • Don’t sit/be too close to the AC, direct contact with the cold AC air can be harmful if you are on a mixed climatic environment of hot and Cold.

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Heat Stroke
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