Hidden Workplace Hazards

Workplace Hazards
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Hidden Workplace Hazards

What is Hidden Hazards ?

The location where the work is in progress and ways are being considered to enhance safety features or to address potential hazards that appear to be at work needs to be considered.

In this, there are some potential hazards which are easy to find but there are some which are difficult to detect, such hazards create problems for the people working there and they become the cause of accidents.

Through this article, we will know about those hidden hazards that can be found during any work at the work place. In such a situation, it is very important for us to know about the risks arising from the hidden potential hazards and learn how to eliminate them.

If the management shows readiness to improve the safety during any work, then it is a good sign for that institution. This will be possible when time is taken to remove it and the workers who are working there should also be made aware of the hidden hazards. Only then will the problems that are not visible or there is a mistake in seeing, then he will inform them, and it can be removed.

5 Basic Workplace Hazards

Knowing about hidden hazards and discussing them during toolbox talks is essential, because if the worker is aware of it, he/she can spot the hidden potential hazards as soon as they see the site supervisor or safety professional after the problem has arisen. Will discuss about removing.

1. Fatigue Employees

After doing a lot of research, it was seen that the employees who are tired are more likely to make mistakes and this mistake becomes the cause of injury during the accident. The fatigue of the employee depends on how long he works.

When workers work for long hours or do extra work in a week without taking leave, it becomes a threat to their safety.

Over time can definitely be a good option for someone to complete the work on time. But during that time it has to be ensured that the workers are being given all the facilities which are required. The facility provided to the worker is the best option to prevent danger.

Taking rest or taking out from overtime is a good option in many cases to avoid danger when workers are very tired.

2. Hidden Opening

Hidden openings at many places such as – Man holes which are not covered, Stairs where guard rails have not been installed, Scaffold is also devoid of guard rail, so these hidden openings can prove to be dangerous if they are not marked properly. .

Such places are especially risky. It becomes more dangerous when heavy objects are being handled manually, it becomes difficult to concentrate on such a place. Therefore, facilities should be made available during work at such places and the workers should be made aware about it.

A safety sign can be a good option along with the facilities at such a location. Floor marking tape can be a good option for manholes. Which can help to see the risks and workers can take steps to avoid it.

Before providing the facilities to avoid hidden hazards, consider whether this is the best option for avoiding hidden hazards.

3. Indoor Temperatures

Workers may recognize or feel that the place they are working is very hot. This can be hidden hazards for those living outside that place.

Whatever the outside temperature, the temperature generated by the machine can increase the temperature of that place. But it cannot be ignored that if the outside temperature is very high, then it will not take long for the internal temperature to rise.

Whenever the temperature rises above the requirement it becomes difficult to control with the air condition units. Therefore it is imperative to plan and implement air handling or heat exhaust when work is being done at such places. It should be an important part of your security plan.

Since it is not a hidden hazard for those working inside, and it can certainly cause unexpected problems if precautions are not taken. As the temperature rises there is an increased risk of dehydration for the workers and the work worker may experience heat stroke, which can be a serious problem for his health.

4. Poor Lighting Condition

The most common hazard at workplace is lack of proper lighting i.e. lack of lighting. This happens when the workplace is at a very high altitude and there is no special means of reaching the light, which makes it difficult to get the light in the right areas.

Apart from this, there are many such machines or other similar ones which create a block for light and lead the workplace towards darkness, which poses a danger due to lack of lighting in the workplace.

Whenever there is a lack of light, additional lighting should be arranged by stopping the work at such a place which the workers working in every field can see properly, which is very important for convenience and safety.

When the workplace is illuminated, people are prevented from going to dangerous areas or accidents due to lack of light.

5. Extension Cords

In many workplaces we see that in the absence of power requirement, the supply of electricity is completed by an extension board. The supply of electricity is definitely completed by the extension board and it can also be convenient but it can pose a danger to the workplace i.e. can be very dangerous from the safety point of view.

The following dangers can arise from this extension cords, which sometimes prove to be fatal.

a. Electrocution

When the electrical wire is not taken over height and taken from the floor to the workplace, then the vehicle or any vehicle can run on it, which is likely to cause damage to the wire and it increases the risk of electrocution for the people i.e. electrical The probability of shock remains high.

b. Tripping Hazard

When the wire is not transported to the workplace through over height or cable tray, then there is an increased risk of tripping hazards. This happens when people do not see the electric wire and their feet get entangled in it.

c. Surge Hazards

When you are taking electricity for work elsewhere with the help of an extension board, it can put extra load on the circuit, which can either cause a power failure or a fire due to overheating of the circuit.

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