How To Calculate Safety Belt/Harness Anchorage Point Distance?

Safety Belt/Harness Anchorage Point Distance?
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How To Calculate Safety Belt/Harness Anchorage Point Distance?

Safety Belt/Harness : When any person works above 1.8 meters inside the company, it is called work at height. In such a situation, the company does not allow him to work without full body harness. By wearing harness, workers have to know the safe anchorage point and Anchorage has to be done at the same place.

In such a situation, the person who works at the height also has the responsibility that he should not lower the height without harness.

In such a situation, the person working at the height of the workers should know where they will anchor the full body harness, that is, at what height they will anchor. From where the possibility of injury in any way will end after falling.

Today, in these topics, we are going to tell about the height of the same anchorage position and are going to be seen by calculating. After reading which all your doubts should be cleared and do not forget to tell this point to the workers during TBT. So that the worker does not make any mistake in anchoring and can avoid accidents like fall from height.

Let’s look at the safe position of anchorage and try to understand-

Suppose the one which is highlighted with red color is the working platform and you have anchored the D-Shank at some height like black.

Now let us see which distance you have to take in the calculation-

1. First of all we measure the distance of the lanyard, its length is 1.8 meters.

Lanyard =1.8meter

2. Second we take the distance of the shock observer i.e. measure its length is 1.75 meter.

Shock Observer=1.75 meter

Now you must be wondering why the shock observe has been taken after all, then I want to tell you that whenever you fall below the height, there is a shock in the body and to avoid this we use shock observer. .

3. After this, the third length that we take is the height of the person who is doing the work of work at height.

Person Height =5.7 inch or 1.74 meter

4. After this, you take that distance that when an incident like fall of person from height is happening with that person, then how high does he want to stay from the ground after falling.

Suppose he wants to hang 1 meter above the ground.

Add each steps-

Lanyard =1.8 meter

Shock Observer =1.75 meter

Person Height =1.74 meter

Person Above Ground =1 meter

Total Addition =6.29 meter

Result – The height at which the safe anchorage position will be from the ground will be 6.29 meters.

Safe anchorage position (Without Shock Observer) =Total Distance – Shock Observer Distance

=6.29 meter -1.75 meter

=4.54 meter

The safe anchorage point will be 4.54 meters without a shock observer.

“If you like this post, then do not forget to share it so that everyone can learn to know the correct anchorage position and tell others so that accidents like fall from height on the work site can be avoided and the work place can be made safe.”


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