MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document, which contains complete information about potential hazards such as health, fire, reaction and environment.

Along with this, it is also mentioned in it that how to work safely with the chemical products that are there. MSDS proves to be very effective for complete health and safety program.

What is MSDS?

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document, which contains complete information about potential hazards such as health, fire, reaction and environment.


Definition of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

MSDS is a kind of document. In which there is information about the potential hazards caused by chemicals, and there is complete information about the effect on health from those potential hazards. With this, there is complete information about the safe working procedure of handling chemicals.

In this MSDS all the information regarding emergency procedure along with use, storage and handling of material is available.

With this it is written in this MSDS that the product you are using, what are the hazards of that material? And how to use it safely. And what if an accident happens in case of not following the safety instruction given in MSDS?

MSDS Stand For or The Importance of MSDS

1.Source of ignition

Any such process or event which can cause fire or explosion is called source of ignition.

Examples – Candle, portable heater, hot surface, static electricity, sparks etc.

2.Flammable Substance

Any flammable substances that burn rapidly at 950F easily, can also include flash point liquids chemicals.

Example – Ethanol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol etc.

3.Flash Point

A liquids chemical that ignites for 5 seconds at the lowest temperature, and gets extinguished, is called a flash point.

In this reaction an ignitable mixture is formed. Liquids with low flash points pose more risk.

4.Fire Fighting Measure

The place where the dangerous combustion product is kept, there is always the possibility of explosion and fire. Therefore it is mandatory to have fire fighting equipment in such places, that too according to the class of fire.

With this, there should be complete information about the flash point of the product and it should be pasted on the work site. Which can be easily controlled in case of fire or explosion.


If a toxic product is single or can cause injury through chemical reaction.

For example, if someone inhaled a toxic chemical or entered the body through injection or the toxic chemical went inside the body from the place of injury, then it can always become a cause of danger.

Safety Precaution

Wherever the danger chemical product is kept, do not give any kind of laxity in giving Personal Protective Equipment to the employees working there. And provide as much precaution as possible. That the employee can keep himself safe in case of an accident and that he does not get any kind of injury.

Handling and Storage

Since there is any dangerous chemical, it requires proper knowledge for safe handling and safe storage. Here we would like to tell it through some points which are as follows-

– As much as possible precautions should be taken for handling, and never show haste during work.

– If a chemical becomes more dangerous after coming in contact with the environment, then before bringing it in contact with the environment, check it thoroughly, whether there is any kind of leakage in the container.

– Where chemical handling is being done, there should not be any object causing disturbance. Which makes the possibility of tripping hazardous due to stumbling.

– Proper housekeeping is the first priority during chemical handling, pay attention to this and keep the area where the chemical is being stored properly clean.

– In the area where chemical handling is being done or where it is being stored, smoking and eating and drinking are completely prohibited in such places.

– Where the chemical is being stored, if necessary, arrange for ventilation there. So that in case of leakage, the smell can be easily removed and the possibility of inhalation can be eliminated.

Information is on the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Product Information

It is necessary to have the name of the product identifier on the Material Safety Data Sheet, along with the name of the manufacturer and supplier, their address and emergency phone number.

– Hazardous Ingredient should be clearly written on MSDS.

– It is mandatory to have physical data available, because due to technical fault in the computer, many times the data gets erased or deleted by mistake.

– Fire Explosion Hazards Data should be available, so that it is easy to read and understand in case of emergency. And the potential danger should be removed, or the potential danger should be taken into account (precautions).

– It is necessary to write about the volatility of any chemical product on the MSDS and the product that reacts with it.

– If there is a chemical danger, and can affect health, then it should be written on the material safety data sheet.

– To avoid any dangerous chemical, preventive measure should be written on the MSDS, through which an employee can be easily saved if there is an effect or it can be followed by understanding the preventive measure.

– The kind of chemical it is, and when it comes in contact, the same kind of first measure is given. Therefore, it should be written on the MSDS that in case of emergency, anyone can read and give first aid and can get any employee out of danger.

– Date of preparation of MSDS and name of the person preparing or who is ready to do the preparation. All these things should be mentioned on MSDS. So that in case of doubt, that particular person can be contacted.

First Aid Measure

– If any chemical is lying in the eye, then 15 minutes of cold water should be sprayed on the eye.

– If any chemical gets applied anywhere on the skin, then wash it immediately with soap.

– If a person smells a danger chemical and has not reached an unconscious state, then immediately bring it to the fresh air. If still he feels comfortable, then immediately take him to the doctor.

– If an employee is more serious, then immediately provide medical treatment to him.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
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