How to Check NEBOSH Accreditation

How to Check NEBOSH Accreditation
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How to Check NEBOSH Accreditation


When pursuing a NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) certification, it’s crucial to ensure that the training provider is accredited. Accreditation ensures that the training meets international standards, adding credibility to your qualification. This guide outlines the steps to check NEBOSH accreditation effectively.

Understanding NEBOSH Accreditation

NEBOSH accreditation signifies that a training provider has been recognized and approved by NEBOSH to deliver its courses. This recognition ensures that the training meets the high standards set by NEBOSH, providing assurance to individuals seeking quality health and safety education.

Steps to Check NEBOSH Accreditation

1. Visit the NEBOSH Official Website

Start by visiting the official NEBOSH website at NEBOSH maintains a comprehensive list of accredited providers and courses on their website.

2. Navigate to the Accredited Providers Section

On the NEBOSH website, look for the “Accredited Providers” section. This is where you will find the list of organizations and institutions that have received accreditation to deliver NEBOSH courses.

3. Search for Your Training Provider

Use the search or browse function on the NEBOSH website to find your training provider. The list is typically organized alphabetically or by region, making it easy to locate specific providers.

4. Verify Accreditation Status

Once you locate your training provider, check the accreditation status. NEBOSH provides details about the specific courses each provider is accredited to deliver. Ensure that the course you are interested in is listed under the provider’s accreditation.

5. Contact NEBOSH Directly

If you are unable to find information on the website or have specific questions about accreditation, consider reaching out to NEBOSH directly. They have a dedicated support team that can provide assistance and clarification.

6. Check Course Details

Confirm that the details of the NEBOSH course offered by the training provider match the information provided on the NEBOSH website. This includes the course title, syllabus, and duration.

7. Read Reviews and Testimonials

Explore reviews and testimonials from individuals who have completed the NEBOSH course with the specific provider. This can provide insights into the quality of the training and the overall experience.

To check the accreditation status of a NEBOSH training provider or to verify the authenticity of a NEBOSH certificate, you can follow these steps:
  1. Visit the NEBOSH Website:
  2. Navigate to the Accredited Providers Section:
    • Look for a section on the website that provides information about accredited training providers. This section is typically labeled “Where to Study” or “Find a Course.”
  3. Search for the Training Provider:
    • Use the search or browse function on the NEBOSH website to find the training provider you are interested in.
  4. Verify Accreditation Status:
    • Once you locate the training provider, check if they are listed as an accredited NEBOSH training provider. NEBOSH maintains a list of approved centers on their website.
  5. Contact NEBOSH:
    • If you have any doubts or cannot find the information on the website, you can contact NEBOSH directly for verification. NEBOSH’s contact details, including email and phone numbers, should be available on their official website.
  6. Check Certificate Authenticity:
    • If you have a NEBOSH certificate and want to verify its authenticity, you can contact NEBOSH directly. They may have a verification process in place, or they can guide you on how to confirm the validity of a certificate.
  7. Use Online Verification Tools:
    • NEBOSH may provide online tools or services for the verification of certificates. Check the NEBOSH website for any such tools that can help you confirm the accreditation status of a training provider or the authenticity of a certificate.
  8. Beware of Scams:
    • Be cautious of fraudulent training providers or individuals claiming to be NEBOSH accredited without proper verification. Check the NEBOSH website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
Remember that NEBOSH regularly updates its list of accredited training providers, so it's essential to check the information on their official website for the latest details. If in doubt, contacting NEBOSH directly is the best way to ensure accurate and reliable information.

Benefits of Checking NEBOSH Accreditation

  1. Credibility: Ensures that your NEBOSH certification is recognized and respected globally.
  2. Quality Assurance: NEBOSH accreditation guarantees that the training provider follows rigorous standards, delivering high-quality education.
  3. Employer Recognition: Employers often prefer candidates with NEBOSH certifications from accredited providers, adding value to your qualification.
  4. Global Acceptance: Accredited NEBOSH qualifications are widely accepted and recognized in various industries and countries.


Checking NEBOSH accreditation is a crucial step in ensuring that your investment in health and safety education is worthwhile. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently select a training provider that meets NEBOSH’s stringent standards, setting you on the path to a successful certification journey.

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  1. Can I verify NEBOSH accreditation for individual courses? Yes, NEBOSH provides details about the specific courses each provider is accredited to deliver. Check the accreditation status for the particular course you are interested in.
  2. What if my training provider is not listed as accredited on the NEBOSH website? If your training provider is not listed as accredited on the NEBOSH website, it’s advisable to contact NEBOSH directly for clarification.
  3. Is NEBOSH accreditation essential for career advancement? While it may not be mandatory, having a NEBOSH certification from an accredited provider adds credibility to your qualification and is often preferred by employers.
  4. Are online NEBOSH courses accredited? Yes, NEBOSH accredits both traditional classroom-based courses and online courses, provided the training provider meets their standards.
  5. How often does NEBOSH update its list of accredited providers? NEBOSH regularly updates its list of accredited providers, ensuring that the information on their website is current and accurate.


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