How To Become NEBOSH Approved Trainer

How To Become NEBOSH Approved Trainer
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How To Become NEBOSH Approved Trainer


Becoming a NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) approved trainer is a rewarding and prestigious achievement for professionals in the field of occupational safety and health. This comprehensive guide outlines the step-by-step process to help you embark on this fulfilling journey.

Understanding NEBOSH Approved Trainer Status

NEBOSH-approved trainers are individuals recognized by NEBOSH to deliver their accredited courses. This status signifies expertise in the field and the ability to effectively impart knowledge to others, contributing to the promotion of health and safety in the workplace.

Prerequisites for NEBOSH Trainer Approval

Before applying to become a NEBOSH approved trainer, it’s essential to meet certain prerequisites. NEBOSH typically requires candidates to have achieved the relevant NEBOSH qualification they intend to teach. Additionally, candidates should possess significant practical experience in the health and safety field.

Steps to Become a NEBOSH Approved Trainer

1. Attain Relevant NEBOSH Qualification

To become a NEBOSH approved trainer, you must hold the NEBOSH qualification for the course you intend to teach. This ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

2. Gain Practical Experience

NEBOSH values practical experience in the health and safety industry. Candidates are often required to have a minimum number of years working in relevant roles before being eligible for trainer approval.

3. Undertake a Train-the-Trainer Course

NEBOSH may recommend or require candidates to undergo a specific ‘Train-the-Trainer’ course. This program equips aspiring trainers with the necessary skills to deliver NEBOSH courses effectively.

4. Prepare a Trainer Approval Application

Compile all necessary documents, including your NEBOSH qualification certificates, proof of practical experience, and any relevant Train-the-Trainer course certificates. Complete the NEBOSH trainer approval application form available on the official NEBOSH website.

5. Submit Application to NEBOSH

Submit your completed application along with the required documentation to NEBOSH. Ensure that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

6. Undergo Assessment

NEBOSH may conduct an assessment to evaluate your training skills and knowledge. This may include a demonstration of your teaching abilities or an interview.

7. Receive NEBOSH Approved Trainer Status

Upon successful completion of the assessment, NEBOSH will grant you approved trainer status for the specific qualification you applied for. This recognition is a testament to your expertise and commitment to promoting health and safety.

To become a NEBOSH approved trainer, you need to follow a set of steps to meet the requirements and demonstrate your competence. Here is a general guide:
  1. Gain Relevant Qualifications and Experience:
    • Obtain relevant qualifications and experience in occupational safety and health. NEBOSH often requires trainers to have a certain level of expertise and knowledge in the field.
  2. Complete NEBOSH Qualifications:
    • Consider completing NEBOSH qualifications yourself to demonstrate your commitment to professional development and understanding of NEBOSH standards.
  3. Attain Teaching and Training Qualifications:
    • Obtain teaching or training qualifications. This could include a teaching certificate or a qualification in adult education, ensuring you have the skills necessary to effectively deliver training.
  4. Gain Practical Experience:
    • Gain practical experience in occupational safety and health. Practical experience is valuable when applying to become a NEBOSH approved trainer.
  5. Apply to NEBOSH for Approval:
    • Check the specific requirements and criteria for becoming a NEBOSH approved trainer on the official NEBOSH website.
    • Submit an application to NEBOSH, providing evidence of your qualifications, experience, and any other required documentation.
  6. Undergo an Approval Process:
    • NEBOSH will review your application and may conduct an approval process, which may include an assessment of your training capabilities, experience, and qualifications.
  7. Demonstrate Continuous Professional Development:
    • Commit to continuous professional development to stay updated with the latest developments in occupational safety and health.
  8. Adhere to NEBOSH Standards:
    • Ensure that you adhere to NEBOSH standards and follow their guidelines for training delivery and assessment.
  9. Maintain NEBOSH Approval Requirements:
    • Once approved, maintain compliance with NEBOSH requirements. This may include regular reviews and updates to your training materials and methods.
  10. Deliver NEBOSH Courses:
    • Start delivering NEBOSH courses as an approved trainer. Provide high-quality training to your participants.
It's important to note that NEBOSH approval criteria may change, so it's crucial to check the latest information on the NEBOSH website or contact NEBOSH directly for the most up-to-date requirements and processes. Additionally, individual countries may have specific requirements for trainers, so be aware of any regional variations in the approval process.

Benefits of Being a NEBOSH Approved Trainer

  1. Professional Recognition: Achieving NEBOSH approved trainer status enhances your professional standing in the health and safety industry.
  2. Contribution to Safety Culture: As an approved trainer, you play a vital role in fostering a culture of safety in workplaces by educating and training professionals.
  3. Access to Training Opportunities: NEBOSH-approved trainers often have increased opportunities to deliver training sessions globally, expanding their reach and impact.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Being part of the NEBOSH community provides valuable networking opportunities with fellow trainers, industry experts, and organizations committed to health and safety.


Becoming a NEBOSH approved trainer is a significant milestone for individuals passionate about promoting safety and health in the workplace. By following these steps and meeting the prerequisites, you can embark on a fulfilling journey as a NEBOSH-approved trainer, contributing to a safer and healthier working environment.

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  1. Can I become a NEBOSH approved trainer without practical experience? No, NEBOSH typically requires candidates to have a minimum number of years of practical experience in relevant health and safety roles.
  2. Is there a specific Train-the-Trainer course recommended by NEBOSH? NEBOSH may recommend or require candidates to undergo a specific ‘Train-the-Trainer’ course, details of which can be found on their official website.
  3. How long does the NEBOSH trainer approval process take? The duration may vary, and candidates should check with NEBOSH for specific timelines. The process includes application review and, if applicable, an assessment.
  4. Can I apply for approval to train in multiple NEBOSH qualifications? Yes, candidates can apply for approval to train in multiple NEBOSH qualifications, provided they meet the prerequisites for each.
  5. Is there ongoing professional development required for NEBOSH approved trainers? Yes, NEBOSH may recommend or require approved trainers to engage in ongoing professional development to stay updated on industry standards and teaching methodologies.


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