How To Inspect Grinding Machine by Safety Officer

How To Inspect Grinding Machine by Safety Officer
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How To Inspect Grinding Machine by Safety Officer

Visual Inspection of Grinding Machine (Power Tools)

Here we are going to tell about the visual inspection of grinding machine. It is the responsibility of the safety officer to do the visual inspection of the tools that are to be used on the work site on a daily basis, and keep records with them.

So that in case of any untoward incident, when the inspection record is asked from him, then by presenting it, prove that he has followed all the rules of the company on his behalf and has fulfilled all his responsibilities properly. The company has not appointed him for this.

Visual inspection means that the part of the machine to be inspected or inspected, the part which is visible is called visual inspection.

Definition of Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is the process under which we examine the upper part of the machine which is visible from outside.

To inspect the tools, it is first necessary to know which parts of the tools a safety employee has to inspect and which are not. So that he can complete the record easily.

Yes the safety employee should be aware that he has to inspect only the outer parts of the machine and not the internal parts. Only and only the competent person has the authority to check the internal parts.

Visual Inspection Method or Visual Inspection Procedure

– First of all, let us see that there are no cuts from the cable which is installed in the grinding machine. If there is a cut from anywhere in the cable, then its use is restricted from the point of view of safety.

– The plug in the cable is three pin or not. Using two pin plug is also prohibited.

– Grinding Machine should not be without wheel guard, if wheel guard is installed then it should not be broken from anywhere.

– The wire installed in the grinding machine should not be more than about 4 meters.

– It is necessary to check the condition of the wheel guard.

– Paddle switch is working properly or not.

– Wheel lock button is working properly or it should be seen.

– Check whether the sticker is installed on the machine by a competent person or not.

– Whether the RPM of grinding wheel and machine is matching properly or not.

– There should not be any crack in the body of the grinding machine, on which the work is being done with tape, then it is completely forbidden.

– Whether the proper spanner is used to make the grinding wheel tight.

– When the grinding machine is running, there should not be any change in its voice.

– The handle which is installed in the grinding machine should not move.

– Grinding wheel should not be wet. In case of getting wet, it is not to be used.

– The cable which is being used should be properly insulated and its quality should be good.

– If the dust control measure is installed in the grinding machine, then the condition of its pipe is fine or not.

– Whether all the screws installed on the grinding machine are in their place or not. If they are, then whether they are properly tight or not.

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All the above points are required to be checked daily by the safety officers or safety supervisor, that too before the start of the work and it is necessary to keep it with you as a test record which can be useful in future. Similarly inspection of other machines is necessary.

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