Fire Extinguisher (Common Issues)

Fire Extinguisher (Common Issues)
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Fire Extinguisher (Common Issues)

We keep fire extinguishers in a building, office or workplace so that it can be controlled when you are in your initial stages. It acts as a life-saving device in the workplace or inside buildings.

Because when a fire occurs and is in its infancy, if it is not controlled, then the possibility of loss of life and property increases.

In such a situation, it is very necessary to maintain the extinguishers used to extinguish the fire at the workplace or inside the buildings, otherwise when going to use it in an emergency and will not be able to operate the extinguisher due to malfunction, then the fire is more dangerous. can be proved.

Therefore it is necessary that wherever the extinguisher is installed, the common fire extinguisher issues in it have to be found out from time to time. And when it is detected, it has to be removed immediately.

Because fire is an unlikely danger, which can take a terrible form at any time. Which may result in damage to life and property.

Fire Extinguisher (Common Issues)

If any fire extinguisher available in buildings or at work place then if it is not properly maintained then it can rust, which can cause leakage. This is enough to put the workers available at the workplace at risk.

When we use the fire extinguisher for a very limited time, the extinguishing agent can clog the pipe of the fire extinguisher. and may cause disturbance after use or later, that is, prevent the extinguishing agent from coming out.

If it is not used for a long time, then the seals and gaskets in it may get damaged. Which becomes the reason for the leakage of the extinguisher.

To extinguish the fire, whatever agent comes out through the extinguisher, it is necessary to have pressure in it, whenever this fire fighting equipment expires, the amount of pressure required is not available. And due to which the fire cannot be controlled completely.

If the fire extinguisher is left in a very cold environment, then the result is that the pressure of the extinguisher decreases and it is not able to be used in the way it should be used.

How To Remove Common Issues of Fire Extinguisher?

The fire extinguisher should be inspected on a regular basis before starting the work where there is a possibility of fire. Apart from this, the monthly inspection which is written should be done compulsorily.

Every year the fire extinguisher should be inspected and serviced by a third party.

Whenever the equipment is not being used i.e. shifting is not being done during the work, it should be stored properly.

While storing, care should be taken that the extinguisher is not coming in contact with the wet surface or metal, otherwise it is possible to rust and leak or damage the equipment quickly.

The fire extinguisher should never be kept at high temperature to avoid loss of pressure.

If a small amount of fire extinguisher has been used at a place, and there is no operation of the work, then all the fire fighting equipment should be replaced before starting the work.

Every extinguisher should have a safety pin, it completely prevents accidental discharge.



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