How we can do Accident Investigation in Safety field

How we can do Accident Investigation in Safety field
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How we can do Accident Investigation in Safety field

Friends, whenever If you work in any organization or in the company as a safety officer or HSE officer then you have to investigate whatever is happening on the site or is an accident, but you should know how to investigate it?

So, in this post we are going to know how to investigate the incident or accident then let’s start.

Friends, as you find out or you come to know that an accident has happened on your site, Once you reach there then, first of all, you have to attend that area:

You have attended that incident, then you have to barricade there, this area is to be barricaded so that whatever is the evidence you can be saved.

Then after that, you have to take details of:

Which has an accident occurred

When it has happened,

How it has happened,

Where it has happened

What is the detail or you have to take?

This means you have to find out the root cause analysis by using 5W (5 Why).

Then after that, you have to note down whatever emergency action is taken with respect to talking time.

Then you have to write down which emergency action is taken at which time,

You have to create a sequence of whatever incident happened & that has to write down the sequence voice:

The person, whose incident happened,

At what time did the first rider reach there?

At what time did the management call the management team?

At what time will the ambulance arrive?

At what time will that person save or rescue?

After that you have to follow the 4P process, now what is this 4P process, so let’s see:

Position Evidence

Drawing the pictures of the locations or you have to take or whatever the relevant photo is.

You can make a sketch of it or you can take a video recording of it.

People Evidence

You have to take a witness statement as well as if you want to take photos then you can take the photo along with that personnel.

Part Evidence

If something happened due to breakdown or failure.

If there is a reason, then the one who is failed or you have to take the broken part or failure part.

Paper Evidence

The witness statement should be signed,

If an accident has been done by a crane, then whatever document the crane has been in, such as its (TPI) Third-Party Certificate report has been inspected, an inspection report.

Should have a medical certificate,

His post-mortem report,

Training records of Victims,

Operator’s license,

What is the calibration report you have to check,

After that, you have to have a valid work permit.

In this way, you have to investigate whatever accident or incidents.

You have to keep in mind three methods:

1) Root cause analysis,

2) 5 Why Process and

3) 5 “P” Process.

Accident Investigation


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