Hydrotest : How To Calculate Safe Distance For Hydrotesting?

How To Calculate Safe Distance For Hydrotesting
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How To Calculate Safe Distance For Hydrotesting?

Hydrotesting : Whenever we do hydro testing of a pipeline, vessel or any tank at our workplace, it is very important to know the distance at which we have to do barricading.

But this raises the question in the mind that why hydro test is done, then want to tell you that hydro test is meant only and only to find out leakage in pipe, tank or vessel.

Whichever pipe we are going to do hydro test, first of all we fill the water inside the pipe under a certain pressure and then keep watching the pressure with the help of gauge meter.

If a drop in the pressure of the water filled in the pipe is recorded, then we are sure that there is leakage somewhere in the pipe due to which the pressure inside the pipe is not becoming stable.

In such a situation, we have to find out where there is leakage inside the pipe? After knowing it, it has to be corrected, then after that again hydro test has to be done. If the pressure does not drop then it is ensured that there is no leakage anywhere in the pipe.

Why it is necessary to calculate Safe Distance of Hydrotesting?

The question arises that why calculation is needed to barricade during hydro testing of pipe? Can you barricade the area of ​​the test site without calculating the distance? This question is a one time question asked on working site.

Let us see what is the logic behind barricade that place during hydro testing?

The place where the work is being conducted, the potential hazards at that place, due to that potential hazards, all the surrounding areas can be affected is called line of fire.

While doing hydro testing, barricading the surrounding area means that the water filled inside the pipe is under very high pressure, so if there is a pipe crack or leakage, the water will go a long way due to pressure.

If there is someone around him, then he can get hurt by coming in contact with him, so to avoid such a situation, barricading is done by calculating the safe distance.

During hydro testing, water is filled inside the pipe with high pressure, so if the pipe cracks or leaks from somewhere, the person working or walking around it may come in contact with the high pressure water. There may be injury afterwards.

To avoid such hazards, barricading at a safe distance is made mandatory, which puts an end to the potential hazards caused by water.

If Hydro Testing is going on, then the people who do not have any kind of relation with work are restricted to come around it. Barricading has to be done to prevent such persons from going to that place.

Now, For the formula & its calculation that how to calculate safe distance of Hydrotesting watch full video.




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