FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - FMEA
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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

What is Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)?

When work is being done inside any organization, there have to be small or big accidents & there is some reason behind this accident.

In other words, you can say that non-compliance with the rules related to safety means that a lapse in safety causes an accident.

Therefore failure mode and effective analysis is done at such places.

This FMEA is a systematic and proactive method of evaluating a process, through which the failure of any framed rule within the organization is identified, why the rule made was not followed at that particular place.

Failure Modes and Effective Analysis is for the identification and evaluation of that particular part, which needs the most changes at that accident site.

The following points are reviewed in FMEA

If any work is going to happen, then what are the steps to be taken in that process, it is discussed and implemented during FMEA.

What may go wrong during the work is also evaluated.

Why a task will fail i.e. what will lead to the failure is emphasized.

If a task fails, what will be the effect of that failure and what will be the consequences of that failure?

When an existing process, product or service is implemented in a new way, that is, the way of working is changed.

When a modified process is implemented, there is a need for FMEA to control the plan that is made.

FMEA Procedure

FMEA is a general process and it completely depends on the work being done within your organization. Whenever the FMEA process is to be started, start it only after getting complete information about all its standards and methods before that.

Let us try to understand this process from the following points –

Before doing FMEA, form a team of people having diverse knowledge about the process, product or service and the needs of the employees working in that organization. The work involved in this comes in manufacturing, quality, testing, maintenance etc.

Know the scope of Failure Modes and Effective Analysis and see whether the concept, system, design, process and service of the process you are going to follow is accurate or not.

Use flow charts to identify the scope of work and ensure that each member of the team has understood it in detail.

To make it effective, it is very important to identify the work being done in the area where this procedure is being followed. Also to know what is the purpose of service of this system, design, process.

This process will become more effective if the system breaks down its objects, parts, assemblies into different sub-systems.

Identify the ways in which the FMEA may fail, also known as a possible failover, of all the functions it has. If possible, rewrite the function again with more details to be sure where most damage is likely to occur in the event of failure of the function.

Risk Assessment

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis


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