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Job Performer (Roles & Responsibilities)

Updated: May 26, 2022

In this post we are going to know about JP (Job Performer) Roles & Responsibilities which are as follows :

- Primary responsibility is to take care of Health & Safety of workers.

- Ensure all ADNOC procedures are followed.

- Submit permit & certificate in one day advance.

- On completion & suspension of work, the work site must be clean, clear & safe.

- Attach the TRA to the permit before submission.

- Once condition & control are checked, JP signs the permit & receives permit from issuing authority.

- Implements the work site precautions & controls identified by the area authority & check by issuing authority.

- Remain at work site for the duration of work.

- Conduct a Tool Box Talk before job starts.

- Suspends work in the event of emergency & general alarm.

- Display the copy at work site.

- Close the permit upon completion of the work activity.

So, i hope you got to know about Roles & Responsibilities of Job Performer (JP).

If you have any suggestions you can comment below.

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