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Monsoon Safety || Monsoon Hazards & Precautions


In this post we are going to know about Monsson Safety its Hazards & Precautions.

Monsoon Hazards

- Electric Shock

- Cave-in

- Poor visibility

- Water logging

- Slippery hazards

- Wall/structure collapse

- Fall on slope

- Property damage

- Land slides

- Heavy wind/storm

- Snake

- Lightning strikes

- Health & Hygiene Issues

Monsoon Precautions

- Electrical DB should be covered, Make sure there should not be any cut/joint on cable, Ensure ELCB/RCCB is installed on panel, Barricade the Electrical panel area, Unauthorized entry restricted etc.

- Provide proper sloping/shoring/benching for excavation to control cave-in where necessary.

- Provide proper illumination where is the chance of poor visibility & also wear high visibility jacket/clothing.

- If necessary use Stand by pump/dewatering pump for water logging.

- Display necessary monsoon safety sign board.

- While heavy wind/storm, Loose material should not be scattered specially sharp edge cutting piece material it should be properly stored at site.

- Be ready for monsoon emergency such as first aid box readily available, Emergency vehicle, Ambulance, ERT team etc.

- If you find any snake at your working location, do not disturb to them and avoid snake bite. if possible and necessary then contact to snake rescue professional person. Always wear full clothing while working on site such as long pants, long shirts, safety boots etc.

- If you hear thunder, go inside the rest shelter or building.

- All drinking water tanks properly covered & cleaning must be done at regular interval of time to maintain good health & hygiene.

I hope you understand Monsoon Safety.

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