Top 10 Workplace Safety Rules

Top 10 Workplace Safety Rules
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Top 10 Workplace Safety Rules

Workplace Safety Rules depends on the work being done at the worksite/workplace & the potential hazards it may have. Whatever safety rules are there at the work place, it is also applicable to the people working there, present there or visiting the site or visitors coming to the workplace.

No matter who, after going to the workplace, he has to follow all the workplace safety rules, which a common worker working there does. Because only the person doing the work does not come in the grip of danger. Rather, the person who is available at that time at the workplace can also come in the grip of dangers during the work.

Therefore workplace safety rules apply equally to all people within the organization. Even if the rules of safety are being followed at the workplace, there is still a need to be alert or alert to the dangers.

In the event of being alert to danger, you prepare yourself mentally and physically to avoid those dangers and if any danger happens in your presence, then you easily escape from it. Because you have prepared yourself to avoid dangers.

1. You are the one who is Responsible for Your Own Safety & Other Safety

Whenever work is going on on the construction site, the worker there has to pay special attention to the fact that he has to pay special attention to his own safety as well as the safety of the people working around there.

When the work is being conducted, the workers have to pay attention to whether such a person has reached the restricted area who is not allowed to go there.

In such a situation, the person conducting the work should stop the work and take that person to a safe place, because it is the responsibility of the person working on the organization or the working site to take care of his own safety as well as the safety of other people. Pay special attention It is the duty of every person.

It is the responsibility of the person working within any organization that if an unsafe act is being done in his eyes, then he should stop it and inform the site supervisor present there. Only then can the person cooperate in keeping the other person safe along with himself.

2. All Accidents are Preventable

There is no such accident happening at work place which cannot be prevented. When investigation is done after any accident, the root cause of the accident comes out, from which it is found that the cause of accident is either an unsafe act or an unsafe condition.

So if someone is saying that accidents due to unsafe act and unsafe condition at work place cannot be prevented, then that person is completely lying.

If the risk is evaluated from time to time before the start of the work, then it can be increased in the direction of “Goal Must be Zero Accident”.

Yes, the accidents that happen due to natural disasters are beyond our reach and there is little chance that they can be prevented. By making awareness or spreading awareness about it, we can definitely reduce the loss of life and property.

3. Always Follow the Safety Rules – Do not Take Shortcuts

Shortcuts taken during any work can endanger the people conducting the work and the people present at that place. Whenever shortcuts are taken during work, it is adopted disregarding all the rules related to safety that are to be applicable there.

That’s why shortcuts should not be taken due to excessive production or under pressure of work. It is forbidden to operate the work by pressurizing the workers for work on the working site. Because such decisions invite accidents.

Employees should always follow the safety rules while conducting any work and cooperate in creating a safe environment.

4. Don’t Do It – If u are not Trained

Work at the working site should always be conducted by a trained person. Because whatever is operated by a skilled person, he already foresaw all those dangers during the work and as soon as the danger becomes possible, after stopping the work and removing it, he conducts the work again. Is.

Untrained Person is never allowed to conduct work. If he wants to conduct the work, then he should proceed with the work under the supervision of a competent person.

If he starts working without permission and becomes a victim of an accident then he himself will be responsible for the accident. He cannot lay any kind of blame on the head of the organization. Therefore, if a person is an untrained person, then never agree to the work.

5. Proper Use of Tools and Equipment and Use it in the Right Way

Different types of special tools are available for each task and the tools and equipment for which the work is made, that particular work should be completed with that tool. There is always the possibility of danger if the right tools and equipment are not used.

Hazards cannot be stopped only by using tools according to the right and work, but even using those tools in the right direction, the dangers can be prevented or the dangers that occur are reduced.

6. Identify the Risk involved in work

Whenever work is to be started in any kind of situation at any work place, then the risk should be accessed first. This process plays a very important role in preventing hazards at workplace within the organization.

If we apply process like HIRA, JSA or HAZOP at workplace then it proves to be more useful. Because after accessing the risk before the work, we find its solution and then allow the work to be carried forward after that.

Therefore, any organization asks to implement such a process at its work place, which can access the risk before work.

7. Do not Wear Slippery Foot Wear or Loose Cloths

Wearing loose clothes is restricted in the place where there is a possibility of getting the clothes stuck during machine operation. Wearing loose clothes is forbidden even where machine guarding facilities are there and moving parts are not visible.

Because many times the machine guard is removed during the test after machine repair and in such a situation, if the person is operating or performing any other work around the machine, then there may be an accident due to loose cloth. Or more likely.

Apart from this, one should never use such foot wear which cannot prevent hazards like slip. It is necessary at the workplace that all the employees present there use the safety boot. Safety boot is the only PPE that can remove the danger like slip on wet surface.

8. Horseplay should not be done While at Work

If any employees are involved in horseplay at the workplace, then they are going against the rules of safety. Because horseplay is prohibited anywhere and in any kind of workplace.

Although all the company / organization have banned it, but there are many of them who have made strict laws for this. And after being caught, the provision of punishment has been prescribed.

9. Practice Good Housekeeping

Cleanliness within the company not only puts an end to the dangers but also reflects its positive image. When every visiting visitor sees the proper housekeeping inside the company, they go out and give a positive message, which increases the moral value of the company.

Proper housekeeping does not only affect the visitors but also increases the moral value of those working within the organization. Due to which the confidence of the workers increases during the work and they conduct any work diligently which plays an important role in preventing accidents. Therefore, institutions should pay special attention to cleanliness.

10. Always Wear PPE’S

Personal Protective Equipment is mandatory for everyone working and present at the workplace and visiting the site from time to time. It totally depends on the potential hazards at the workplace.

Since the possible hazards at the workplace are first identified, then after removing them, the work is conducted. But this does not mean that it is not mandatory to wear it after removing the dangers.

Even if the level of risk has reduced completely, but during the work there is a possibility of danger due to human error. Therefore, it is always recommended to wear it or wear it even when it is available during work or on site.

Workplace Safety Rules


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