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Oxygen Cylinder Safety Rules


In this post/article, we are going to know about Oxygen Cylinder Safety Rules.

Oxygen Cylinder

It is not that if flammable gases are not filled inside the cylinder, then there is no need of any kind of safety precaution and safety awareness to store, use or shift from one place to another.

To bring it into use, as much safety awareness is needed as for using other flammable gases.

Control Measure of Shifting Oxygen Cylinder

Let us know about those important points, which are used while shifting the oxygen cylinder from one place to another.

1. Whenever shifting the Oxygen cylinder, it is necessary to see that where the cylinder is going to be shifted, no flammable substances have already been placed there.

It is forbidden to store where flammable substances are kept. Because in case of fire, due to the abundance of oxygen, there is a high possibility of fire.

2. While shifting the Oxygen cylinder, it should be fully noted that there is no grease or any flammable oil in the hand.

If it is felt that in such a situation, handling of the cylinder is prohibited. Because there are full chances of the cylinder slipping out of hand and falling. Due to which there is always a possibility of great danger.

3. Oxygen Cylinder and its fitting regulator should never be checked with oil based soap. Since oil is flammable and there is a possibility of fire after getting a little heat.

4. No flammable gas cylinder should ever be stored with Oxygen cylinder because there is every possibility of fire in case of cylinder leakage.

5. If the cylinder is full and it is not being used, even in that condition it is always necessary to keep it standing straight. And screw safety always has to be kept engaged. If the cylinder is empty, then its top position can be rolled up.

6. An empty oxygen cylinder should never be kept standing on the construction site. There are full chances of falling on the person sitting nearby when pushed.

7. Cylinder should never be rolled and shifted from one place to another. In doing so, there is a strong possibility of injury to a person.

8. Where work is being done in a confined space, oxygen cylinder should never be used for ventilation, especially confined space. From which other source, arrangements should be made to deliver oxygen to such places.

9. When storing a cylinder with another cylinder, their distance should be at least 5 meters. This process is called "Buffer Stocking".

10.Oxygen becomes dangerous when it is pure, in such a situation when there is high pressure, it becomes more dangerous with flammable substances like oil and grease.

11. Always use a trolley to shift the cylinder and do not forget to tie it with a chain while shifting it.

12. Always keep Oxygen cylinder in a ventilated place and if possible always store it away from flammable gas.

13. Be careful while opening the valve of Oxygen cylinder and always open it slowly.

14. When oxygen cylinder is being used, smoking is prohibited there as well. Do not ignore thinking that oxygen is not a flammable gas.

15. When the Oxygen Cylinder is being shifted, full attention should be paid to whether the route is completely clear or not. This is an important point for Safe Shifting.

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