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Top 15 Best Safety Slogan in English


In this post/article we are going to know about Top 15 Best Safety Slogan in English.

1) Always Think Safety No Matter What The Task

2) Think Safety Avoid Unsafe Acts

3) Know Safety No Accidents

4) The First 3 Letters In Workplace Safety "YOU"

5) Put Your Brakes On Speed

6) Think Safety - It Couldn't Hurt

7) Safety Is A Way Of Life

8) Your Good Health Is Your Greatest Wealth

9) Stop Unsafe Acts Now

10) Safety First And Last Longer

11) Accident Prevention - Your No. 1 Intention

12) Safety Is Success by Purpose - Not Accident

13) Safety Begins With Teamwork

14) Make Safety A Reality And Don't Be A Fatality

15) The Goal Must Be Zero Accidents

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