Work Permit System | What is Work Permit System?

Work Permit System
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In this post/article we are going to know about Work Permit System | What is Work Permit System?

What is Work Permit System?

“Work permit is a written document which is issued by an authorized person for a limited period of time with specific work within a company.”

Benefit of Work Permit System

There are many benefits of giving Work Permit System and understand it through work permit system points –

The biggest advantage of the Work Permit System is that it reduces the risk at the working site and protects the workers/employees from small and big hazards.

It helps in understanding and controlling all the high risk activities on the construction site/working site.

This confirms that only a competent person will conduct this work, if a work is conducted by a competent person, then the possibility of an accident reduces to a great extent.

While giving the work permit system, it is decided that for how long the work for which the permit is being given will operate. Because there are some works in which the level of risk is high and the time period of work is less at such places.

The HSE Department gets a record which helps a lot in the investigation during the accident investigation.

During the work permit, it is confirmed whether the workers going to work have been given proper protection or not.

Permit to work helps in understanding the work well and increases the moral value of the employees by removing the deficiency.

Through this, every good and bad quality of the work is identified and wherever improvement is needed, efforts are made to improve the work.

Through the Work Permit System, the culture of the work place is made excellent.

The biggest advantage of permit to work is that the mistake of work is detected and wherever there is a possibility of human error, it is improved.

There is a provision in the company that if someone makes a mistake repeatedly, then fines are imposed as a punishment, but if we do the work permit procedure, we catch the mistake and remove it, which shows the possibility of fines. ends.

When the work permit system for safety is asked to be followed during the work permit, the accident is less and the company has to deposit less insurance premium. The company gets a huge benefit from this.

Within the company where there is a provision of work permit system, then the permit is given before starting the work. It is given after checking every scale of safety and in such a situation the level of risk is reduced to a great extent, due to which the accident is reduced to a great extent. And in such a situation, the message between the employee and the client goes well. Due to which the reputation of the plant / company becomes good and the contractor does not have any problem in getting further contracts.

Work Permit System Procedure

If there is an accident at any working site, then the person giving permit to work is also questioned. In such a situation, he does not take any kind of risk on his shoulder. Therefore, the authorized person giving permit Checks the following points and then signs the permit.

1. First of all, there is an authorized person, he should go to the working place.

2. Check thoroughly about the work to be done at the working site.

3. Then the authorized person should make a risk assessment or JSA (Job Safety Analysis) and identify the small and big hazards seen there.

4. After that, the work for which permit is to be given, which workers are to work there, they have to be collected.

5. When all the workers gather, they have to give TBT related to that work, that is, they are informed by the authorized person about the dangers related to it.

6. How to use PPE Kit to avoid the dangers in the work that is about to happen? This question must be asked to the workers by the authorized person.

7. If the workers do not know about it, then tell them in detail, until the authorized person is satisfied with their answer.

8. Then check the correct PPE ‘S related to the work and ask questions about how to wear it and take things forward in the event of satisfaction.

9. If there is any doubt about the work of the supervisor who has been kept there, then ask about the safe procedure of the work and the authorized person issuing the permit should satisfy himself.

10. And when all the above points are completed, then the authorized person should sigh on the work permit.

Types of Permit

How many types of work permits are there, this question definitely revolves in the mind as soon as the name of the permit comes. Although there are many types of work permit types, but mostly the permit has been categorized into 3 parts.

1.Hot Work Permit-

The work done inside the working site/plant/company where there is a possibility of fire is called hot work. It is mandatory to take hot work permit before working at such a place. It is not allowed to work without permit.

Example-Welding, Gas Cutting, Grinding etc.

Hot Permit Paper Color –

The color of the hot permit paper is always red, which can be identified even by looking from a distance.

Cold Wok Permit-

While doing such work, there is very little risk, but even at such a place, it is necessary to take a permit before starting the work.

Example – Housekeeping, Washing, Excavation, Painting etc.


Excavation and painting are not kept in cold permit all the time. It completely depends on the work place. Like if we work in refinery or gases area, it is necessary to take hot permit during excavation.

If we use spray machine instead of brush in painting, then it is necessary to take hot work permit there too.

Cold Permit paper color-

Talking about the paper color of Cold permit, it is blue.

High Risk Work Permit-

Such work where there is a high possibility of danger has been categorized in high risk.

Example – Heavy lifting, (crane operation), stacking, mining, radiology etc.

High Risk Work Paper Color-

The color of the paper of high risk permit is orange. The paper of this work permit can also be easily recognized.

Other work permit

Apart from the above three permits, there are other permits which are discussed in detail here and it is strictly forbidden to work inside the company without the following permit system.

Confined Space Entry permit-

A permit that is given to carry out work in all respects within a particular confined space.

Like-Storage Tank, Pipe line Trenches, Sewers etc.

Electrical Isolation Permit-

The permit given to do all the work related to electrical is called electrical isolation permit. Like- Removing fuse and locking of an electrical isolate switch, uncontrolled realized energy, key safe and lock boxes etc.

Excavation work permit-

By the way, when excavation is about to happen inside the company, separate excavation permit is taken separately. But sometimes it comes in cold permit and sometimes in hot permit. It depends on the area at which place the excavation is to be done and what kind of dangers are there. This is done by both manually and mechanism method.

Vehicle Entry Work Permit-

When any vehicle enters inside the company, it needs to take a permit before going inside. Which is known as entry vehicle permit.

Radiation Work Permit-

This is very dangerous work, so before giving radiation permit, the PPE of the workers has to be checked and it is necessary to see which PPE is to be given separately. Along with this, it is necessary to give respiratory protection to the person doing radiation work and to add special instruction with it.

Example – X-ray for quality checker

Validity Of Permit-

All the work done on the working site and the permits issued for it have validity and all the permits are different.

1.Hot Work Permit-

The permit issued for this has a validity of 24 hours, but full attention has to be paid to the fact that the work place or working procedure has not changed. If this is the case, it is mandatory to issue the permit again. .

2.Cold Work Permit-

The validity of cold permit is of 3 to 7 days, but in case of change of place, it is mandatory to issue permit again.

3. High Risk Work Permit-

There is so much risk in this work that only one permit is taken for one work. If there is another lifting at the same place or any other one in which the possibility of danger is more then separate work permit is taken again.

Work Permit Format-

As far as the permit format is concerned, it varies from company to company and according to the risk, point is mentioned in the work permit format according to the danger at the workplace. But the color of the paper is same for all the companies.

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