CLI And RLI Admission Process

CLI And RLI Admission Process
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CLI And RLI Admission Process

CLI And RLI Admission Process : A lot of students working in the field of safety are asking this question these days what is CLI and RLI? So today in this post we will know in detail about CLI and RLI. Students studying for safety engineering are very special. By knowing about it, so that they do not face any kind of problem in making a career in this field.

So let’s know about CLI and RLI

Talking about CLI, its full name is Central Labor Institute and full name of RLI is Regional Labor Institute. But before understanding it, let us understand DGFASLI (DGFASLI). DGFASLI full name is Direct General Factory Advice Service and Labor Institute .

The setup of DGFASLI was done in 1945. The purpose of starting it was that all the central and state governments and all the factories working in them or construction work in that state, all of them should give advice about safety. And the state has to inspect about factory service. DGFASLI does all this work.

Now let’s understand about RLI and CLI

The full name of RLI and CLI is Regional Labor Institute and Central Labor Institute as mentioned above. It is governed i.e run by DGFASLI. RLI and CLI are to be government institutions of India from where students thinking about safety engineering can do courses related to industrial safety from here.

Whatever certificates are there in India, whether it is of engineering like B.Tech and diploma or safety, if any student has done it from a government college, then the student holding that degree gets its benefit.

Now let me explain to you through example, then maybe it is easy to understand. For example, if a student wants to do engineering, then he has a dream that he should get admission in any college of IIT. In the same way if he is in defense If he wants to go then he joins NDA. Similarly if he wants to go in the field of safety then he aspires to get admission in CLI and RLI college and it is CLI and RLI government institute which count in top institution for safety go.

Qualification of Safety Officer

What should be the qualification of a safety officer, it is recorded in section 40(b) of the factory act 1948, that is, all the courses related to safety are mentioned in the factory act.

If we talk about the courses of RLI and CLI, then there are ADIS, DIS and PGDIS courses whose full name is Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety, Diploma in Industrial Safety and Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and all these courses are 1 year diploma. .

If all the students who want to take admission in CLI and RLI, let me tell them that the process of admission in these colleges starts in June or July.

College of RLI and CLI

1. Central Labor Institute- This college of CLI is located in Mumbai and it is the only one in the whole of India.

2. Talking about RLI, it is four in different states across India.

a. RLI Chennai

b. RLI Faridabad

c. RLI Kolkata

d. RLI Kanpur

If you live in any corner of India and want to take admission in CLI college then you have to come to Mumbai and this is what you want to take admission in RLI college then you can choose the college according to your convenience and distance.

CLI RLI Admission

If admission is required in CLI and RLI, then it is necessary to have two types of candidates.

1. Sponsored Candidate – Whichever company you are working in and you are a very reliable employee of that company and you have the skills, then the company wants you to take admission in any college of CLI and RLI. If you like the company If you take admission in CLI and RLI then it is called sponsored candidate.

2. Non Sponsored Candidate – When a candidate himself applies for CLI and RLI and if the candidate works anywhere but the company does not have any role in it, it is called non-sponsored candidate.

There are many candidates who think that the company is sponsored by CLI and RLI, they will easily get admission, then it is their confusion because to get admission in it, one has to go through entrance, whether he is a sponsored candidate. or non-sponsored.

Mandatory Qualification

Let us also know about what should be the qualification for admission in RLI and CLI. A lot of students have confusion about what should be the qualification for admission in CLI and RLI, so let’s talk about you. Let us remove this confusion.

1. To get admission in CLI and RLI, it is mandatory for you to have a degree or diploma from the university from any engineering branch, whether the diploma is civil, mechanical or electrical.

This means that if you have taken B.Tech or Diploma from any trade from any institute, then you become eligible for it.

2. If a student has taken a degree from physics or chemistry then he also becomes eligible for CLI and RLI. In other words, if the candidate has taken the degree of honors then he is considered eligible for it. Is.

3. If any B.Sc. If done from PCM then he can apply for RLI Kolkata only and only.

Work Experience

Having qualification is not the only condition for admission in these colleges, for this the students applying in the college should have 2 to 5 years of experience in any multinational company.

2 years experience should be with the candidate who has done B.Tech and 5 years experience should be with his students who have taken 3 years diploma degree in any trade.

Fresher Candidate

If someone is a fresher candidate then he can also apply for ADIS but he has very less option, he is only eligible for RLI Kolkata only. There is also a condition that a fresher should be admitted only. It is found only when an experience candidate reaches for admission. On reaching the experience candidate, the college gives first priority to the one who has taken experience in any Indian MNC company.


As far as fee is concerned, I would like to tell you that the course fee of these government colleges is very low and it is around Rs 25000 which students have to pay through draft and it is not refundable.

Apart from this, other fees like Caution Deposit Fee, Examination Fee, other fee (hostel fee 100 rupees per day).

Application Accepted or Rejected

When a candidate submits an application for CLI or RLI college, it is necessary to find out whether his application has been accepted or rejected. For this you have to go to the website of DGFASLI and get information from there. It happens.

You get all the information related to the examination here, when is the date of your exam, along with you can also know about the interview schedule from the website of DGFASLI. With this you get mail and through that also you get to know everything.

If you do not get admission in CLI and RLI college then you do not need to be disappointed. If you can also do ADIS from MSBTE (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education), it is not equal to CLI but its demand is more. And you can get a job in a good company after completing the course.

CLI And RLI Admission Process


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