Contractor Safety Management

Contractor Safety Management
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Contractor Safety Management

Contractor Safety Management : While working in any industry or working under a contractor, it can be experienced that the contractor is not as conscious about the security as it should be, whereas the owner of the individual industry is concerned about the safety of his employees. remains more aware and pays special attention to their safety. Therefore it is very important to know the contractor safety management.

After the study of accidents, it is found that the contract workers or can say that those working under the contractor are more victims of accidents.

This is because the contractor deducts the expenses on security and tries to spend at the very least on security. And tries to get the work done in as little as possible.

He does not pay special attention to PPE and sometimes workers are forced to work with damaged PPE and damage tools, which often becomes a cause of danger.

But for the last few years, all the contractors have shown understanding regarding safety and have shown no hesitation in spending on the safety of the contract workers, due to which the accidents have come down to a great extent.

Contractor Selection Competency Requirements

There are some qualifications for selecting the contractor, some of which are as follows –

Whatever document he is giving related to safety and health, there should be evidence of it.

Their risk assessment should be reviewed.

The qualification and training record of all the employees who are working should be available.

Record of maintenance of all the tools, tackles and machinery being used inside the Plant/Organization should be available.

In the present time or earlier whichever is the record of the client.

Performance related to health and safety and record of all the accidents that have happened in the past.

If any type of incident has happened within the organization, then the record of the action taken by the authorities towards that incident should be available.

Records of all the resources being used and their access to specialist security assistance are also to be seen.

Influence a worker’s safety related behavior –

Although there are many factors affecting the safety related behavior of workers, but here we are going to talk about some such factors which are major and they are mainly of three types.

Individual Factor

By the way, the individual factor depends on the individual characteristics, the characteristics of the person are like attitude, ability, motivation, perception etc. In this, attitude is the main one.


The attitude of a person depends on how he thinks and feels after seeing some event or thing. Therefore, all the good attitudes or attitudes of the employees at the workplace should be encouraged and efforts should be made to change the bad attitude.

Although it is very difficult to change the attitude of a person, various methods should be used to change it like – training and education, participation and consultation.

A change in attitude can be brought by adopting all these methods, but it has to be noted that everything does not change suddenly and gradually the scope for improvement is created. So do not get discouraged but work hard in that direction and after some time you will see a change in the attitude of the employees.

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Contractor Safety Management


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