Reinforcement Bars/Steel Hazards & Control Measures

Reinforcement Bars/Steel Hazards & Control Measures
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Reinforcement Bars/Steel Hazards & Control Measures

Reinforcement Bars Hazards & Control Measures

1) Unloading from vehicle & Stacking of reinforcement bars.

Hazards – Rash vehicular movement – Injury to workmen

Control Measures – Experienced & licensed drivers & operators to operate vehicles,

Maintain Speed limit 20KMPH, Post a Warning signage.

Hazards – Reversing of the vehicle – Run over on workmen

Control Measures – Reverse Horns & Tail lights of the vehicle to be ensured, A Separate banks men to be deployed to direct all vehicles to its designated positions safely.

Hazards – Unloading of sharp edged Rebars – Cut Injury

Control Measures – Sufficient number of skilled workmen allotted to the job,

Safety helmet, safety shoes, hand gloves are provided to the workmen,

When the load in dislodged, machinery shall be used to unload the rebars.

Hazards – Improper stacking – Trip, Fall & Injury

Control Measures – Rebars shall be stacked size wise with signage posted.

Packing shall be given for easy handling. Bundles shall be removed, only when old unbundled rebars are over. Stacking yard to be restricted to limited person permission to entry.

2) Bending & Cutting operation by Machine.

Hazards – Shifting of Sharp Edged rebar – Cut Injury

Control Measures – Use shoulder pad for shifting of rebars, Educate the workmen to carry the sharp edged bars front side upward, Ensuring space for working.

Hazards – Unauthorized operation – Injury to operator & Work crew

Control Measures – Only authorized person to operate the cutting M/c.

Power shall be disconnected when not in use, Identity of the authorized operator to be displayed near M/c’s.

Hazards – Unguarded rotary & cutting wedge – Entanglement & Amputation

Control Measures – All rotating parts & cutting wedge provided with suitable guards to avoid entanglement of limbs, Workmen with loose attire not to be involved, Machines to be sufficiently barricaded if necessary.

Hazards – Electricity – Electrocution

Control Measures – Routing thro RCCB to be ensured, Cables of sufficient capacity with double insulation & Industrial plug tops & sockets to be used, Provision of Main & Body earthing, Damage to cables to be prevented by proper lying of cable either OH above 7ft height or under ground, Regular electrical inspection, Weekly RCCB inspection.

Hazards – Sharp edged materials after cutting operation – Cut injury

Control Measures – Daily housekeeping practice is adopted, Separate scrap yard is demarked to dump cut & scrap bars, Bins or areas to be allocated for collection of such cut pieces with proper signage.

Hazards – Improper stacking of fabricated rebar – Trips, Fall & Hit Injury

Control Measures – Sized rebars shall be stacked diameter wise with identity,

Separators shall be used to stack one above others.

Hazards – Excessive Noise resulting – Hearing impairment

Control Measures – Proper maintenance of the Machine, Use Ear plugs.

3) Shifting of fabricated reinforcement bars to Work at height area Manually.

Hazards – Improper access – Trips, Fall & Hit Injury

Control Measures – Good housekeeping is maintained, All the gang ways are illuminated during night activity. (150 Lux General construction area)

Hazards – Shifting of sharp edged rebar – Cut injury, Fatigue & Eye injury

Control Measures – Sufficient number of workmen to be allotted to the job, Shoulder pads shall be used for shifting, PPE such as Helmets, Hand gloves, & shoe are provided to workmen.

Hazards – Failure of lifting equipment’s – Fall of material

Control Measures – SWL with the identification mark needs are marked on lifting gear, SWL in terms of diameter & length is made to cross the weight to be lifted.

Reinforcement Bars


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