How To Inspect Web Belt Sling

How To Inspect Web Belt Sling
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How To Inspect Web Belt Sling

How To Inspect Web Belt Sling : Whenever a material has to be lifted with the help of a crane, web sling is used. Therefore, the web sling has to be inspected before the operation of the work, which can be avoided from injury, death or damage to property after breaking.

Inspecting the sling belt before work is the best option to avoid dangers. And if you start conducting work after inspecting web sling once, then the status quo of danger will remain. Therefore, adjust the level of web sling inspection, so that web sling can be inspected properly.

Web sling inspection should be done by a qualified person at any time, so that the level of risk can be reduced and the possibility of danger can be stopped during the work.

Whenever the webbing sling is being inspected, it is very important to inspect the entire sling. Damage to the sling belt can become a cause of danger if the entire sling is not inspected. Therefore, the inspection should be done carefully and the entire sling should be done. Because many of the damages of such lifting slings are not visible but they can be realized.

If any kind of damage is seen while doing web sling inspection, then it should not be used, that is, it should be removed from the service immediately. In the above paragraph, we have said that there are many such damages which are not visible which can be felt, then even in such a situation it has to be removed from service.

If damages are seen during a web sling inspection and it is not being used, then it should be removed from the work site, and as much as possible, it should be damaged further so that it cannot be repaired again and the damage is properly Be visible and should not be used even by mistake.

The damages of webbing sling belt should never be ignored whether the damages are small or big. And the small damages of web sling should never be repaired and used.

It is very important that the polyester web sling used should be inspected at regular intervals. Because it is the least expensive and most efficient way to stop the threat.

Do not use web belt sling if you find the following points-

If there is no tag in web sling or the instruction written on the tag is not being read properly.

If there is a hole in the sling, there is a cut somewhere or any change in its shape is visible.

While lifting the load, there is any kind of joint at the place where the load is falling, apart from this, if the stitching is broken, then it is prohibited to use such web sling.

There is a knot somewhere in the web sling and it is not openable.

It is burnt by some chemical or by hot spatter.

Lifting Web sling is badly crushed.

If there has been a change in the color of the web sling, that is, the color has become dull and there is a problem in identifying it.

Inspection of Web Sling

Before using any new or repaired web sling, it should be ensured by a qualified person whether web sling can be used or not.

After inspecting the qualified person that the web sling to be used is fulfilling all the standards and after checking whether it is filling all the rules set for use or not. If permission is granted for use, it has to be used.

Initial web sling inspection is done so that there is no damage to the sling anywhere during the transit. This process is done for the products to be perfect.

So that it can be clear that there is no shortage of any kind in the quality of the web sling that has been ordered for use. Whatever inspection is done at the initial stage, there is no need for recordkeeping.

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How To Inspect Web Belt Sling


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