Important Electrical shock Causes and Prevention

Electrical shock Causes and Prevention
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Cause of electrical shock & How To Prevent Electric Shock.

Electrical Shock

Electrical shock is shocked when any part of the body goes into contact with the electrical current source, which causes the electrical energy flow inside the body.

If electric shocks occur, then it is mild, then sometimes it is so serious that a person who has an electric shock.

The side effects on the body due to electric shock are dependent on the entry of electrical energy inside the body and how long it flows inside the body, it also reflects the seriousness of the danger.

Therefore, it is difficult to tell how much it will affect the body after electric shock.

Therefore, the best option is to stop the electric shock completely.

Most Frequent Cause of Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries can have many reasons, some of these reasons are common that often causes electrical shock.

Due to contact with Power Line.

No Ground Earthing

If an equipment has not been used by the prescribed method.

If Electrical Cables are used in a improper manner

Prevention of Electrical Shock

Let us understand Electrical Shock Prevention through the following points.

Never use Electrical Equipment with a wet hand, due to wet hand, the possibility of Electrical Shock is the most likely.

If the electrical equipment is not in good condition, then do not try to improve it at any time. If this device is bad, then get it repaired with qualified Electrician.

Never let Plug Top be wet in Electrical Equipment and if the ground or floor is wet, never take wire from it and try to take the wire to the workplace through Over Head or Cable Tray during work Do it.

Use 3 pin plug tops anytime in Electrical Equipment.

Never use a non-insulated wire and never try to touch it. Because in such a situation, the possibility of Electrical Shock is more likely.

Before starting the work, it should be seen whether the electrical equipment used by you is grounded or not, that is, the electrical equipment is connected to ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) or not.

Do not delay in changing whatever switch, socket or plug tops have deteriorated, get it replaced by Professional Electrician before starting the work.

To avoid electrical shock or fault during the work, you must wear whatever personal protective equipment.

Follow the lock out/tag out procedure to avoid the electrical shock during the report of Electrical Equipment.

If there is a high current at the workplace, then never use working in such a situation.

Anytime, while working on the height, it is mandatory to have a distance of at least 10 feet.

When the operation of the work is closed, turn off the Electrical Equipment.

Do not use damage Electrical Equipment.


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