Important Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection
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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection : Talking about Personal Protective Equipment, it is of two types, one Respiratory Protection Equipment and the other Non Respiratory Protection Equipment.

Today we are here to discuss about all those respiratory protection where it is needed at work place.

Respiratory protection is used relatively in such places where toxic dust, gas, vapor, smoke and mist etc. are available. It is mandatory to use dust mask, chemical cartridge, air line respirator, BA set etc. in such places. Is.

Respiratory Protection Equipment

It is necessary to be given proper information and training before using what is PPE. It is strictly forbidden to give respiratory PPE without it.

First of all, the Employee has to consult with the IPCL engineer, then after that if he talks about the type of respiratory protection, it is mandatory to provide the same PPE.

We have some such operations or work, while doing which the workers have to breathe in the contaminated air. This sometimes happens in case of failure of the process. In such a situation, while using respiratory protection, it comes in the category of imperative to watch it closely. Is

Gas Mask and particulate respiratory is used during work in places like chemical, gas and dust particles (dust mites).

Through a second type of respiratory protection, clean and clean air is provided to the user during work by purifying the air through another medium.

Apart from this, BA Online Set (Breathing Apparatus Online Set) or Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) set for respiratory protection are provided at the work place, where adequate ventilated space is not available and the engineering system does not work such as confined space.

Here I am going to give examples of some respirators so that you can understand easily-

a. Disposal Mask-

It is used in such places where dust particles are available in the air and there is a possibility of inhalation during inhalation.

b. Air Supply Respirator (ASR)-

It is used where there is limited space (limited space) and nose pipe is attached with it. The person applying it cannot move as long as the pipe. B.A. Online set is the best example of this.

c. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA)-

This Respiratory Protection is used only and only for 10 to 15 minutes. It is not used for any work, but it is used during inspection. Because there is always a possibility of an accident when the oxygen cylinder runs out during work.

Component of SCBA –

1.Harness Belt-

It is used to tie the oxygen cylinder on the back.

2.Air Cylinder-

Oxygen gas is filled inside it and where there is a lack of oxygen, they are tied with this harness belt.

3.First Stage Regulator-

It works properly when the oxygen cylinder is filled properly.

4.Second Stage Regulator-

This works when there is only a little gas left inside the oxygen cylinder. You can also clear this concept from the main and reserve of the bike.

As soon as there is reserve in the bike, we understand how far the vehicle can hardly go. The same principle also applies here that when oxygen is left in some quantity, it indicates that the person doing the experiment should escape as soon as possible.

5.Cylinder Pressure Gauge –

There are two gauge meters in it, the first gauge indicates how much oxygen is in the oxygen cylinder and the second tells with what pressure the oxygen is being taken.

6.Remote Pressure Gauge –

It is used to increase or decrease the pressure of oxygen.

7.Face Mask –

By using it, it is beneficial that the dust particles in the air do not fall in the eyes. And the contaminated air that is there also does not harm the eyes. And the person does not inhale such poisonous gases.

8. By Pass Valve –

It is used so that when inhaling and exhaling, carbon dioxide can come out through it.

The person who uses SCBA Set can easily move anywhere while the one who is B.A. Using the online set, he can move as far as the long nose pipe is attached.

Before doing SCBA, the pressure gauge meter which is installed is working properly or not, it should also be verified that the Oxygen cylinder you are taking for SCBA is full or not.

When harmful gases occur at the work site, APR purifies the contaminated gas. APR purifies the air by expelling the air purifying elements through the passing ambient.

Air Purifying Respirator

APR comes in three basic types which are as follows:-

1.Particulate Removal

All wet scrubbers out there rely on a liquid spray to remove the dust particles from the gas steam.

2.Vapors and Gas Removing

Through APR, all the vapors and gas that are in the air are removed and made available to the employees working with pure air.

APR has replicable filters or air purifying elements to remove solid and liquid hazards from the air i.e. can do a combination of two.

Self-Contained Under Water Breathing Apparatus

As many SCUBA divers as they have, they take with them all the components of the Berating Apparatus to perform SCUBA. They feel much more freedom than other air lines.

Chemical Cartridge respirator

A half mask is provided with a chemical cartridge and this cartridge is suitable for chemical and especially (contaminant) contaminants. It is non-emergency respiratory and is not used where there is a lack of oxygen.

This chemical cartridge is used for a limited period of time which depends on the contaminants available in that environment and it depends on the activities of the wearer, how long the contaminants work in the environment.

This chemical cartridge respirator should never be used where the volume of the atmosphere is 0.1% ie 0.1% contaminant is available in the environment.

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